To the Editor:

For over 12 years Keizer has been moving forward because of Lore Christopher’s ability, support, leadership and dedication.

I have had the opportunity to work with her on many occasions. Some of them include Keizer Little League, Keizer Rapids Park, Keizer Rotary Amphitheatre, and Keizer Dog Park.

When I was president of the Keizer Little League, Lore was responsible for helping over 100 teams get sponsors. Her ability to accomplish this task has never been done before or since.

Keizer Rapids Park was a dream Lore made happen. Her support helped build a park used and loved by many. Under her leadership many activities have been developed for all of us.

My vision and that of others for the Keizer Rotary Amphitheater would not have been possible without Lore’s leadership in city council. Lore made it happen.

Lore is a dog lover and supports pet activities in the community. Under her guidance we were able to build the best dog park in Oregon.

Under her leadership much has been accomplished. She has proven her ability, support, leadership and dedication to keep Keizer a great place to live now and in the future.

Re-elect Lore Christopher for mayor.

Clint Holland