To the Editor:

I am fortunate enough to know Eamon Bishop personally and hold him in high regard.  A person of reason and integrity, we have a sensible choice for the Keizer City Council.

In a time when it appears that Keizer finds itself with a governing body that suffers from selective hearing and is deaf to the cries of the citizens and has repeatedly found itself at odds with the citizens on key issues they placed in front of the voters at the ballot box.  It is time to have someone on the council that will respect the process, listen to the testimony, and investigate the facts before making decisions on issues, especially ones that have a lasting effect on the livelihood of our city and its citizens.  Eamon is such a person; he is not seeking this position with an agenda of some sort of personal gain or glory.  He defines himself as a public servant who puts the wants and needs of the constituency before all else.

This is a refreshing choice we have on the ballot this November.  Join me in voting for Eamon Bishop for Keizer City Council Position 3.

Mike Welter