To the Editor:

While I agree that wasteful spending needs to be cut from the Medicare system, our policy makers should look for efficient long-term solutions rather than cutting and slashing programs without regard to the true cost and impact on people’s lives and to taxpayers.

Many people may not realize how many seniors rely on Medicare Advantage for their health care. In our Congressional district, 49 percent of seniors eligible for Medicare choose Medicare Advantage plans-—that is over 60,000 seniors. State-wide there are many more. These plans can offer doctor, vision, dental, and hearing services in one managed plan often at a lower cost.

An emphasis on preventive care services such as Silver Sneakers fitness classes helps keep members healthy and away from expensive hospital visits.

As a Medicare Advantage member and a Silver Sneakers participant I have seen firsthand what preventive health care can do to increase quality of life and save money in the long-run.

I have been involved in Silver Sneakers program for a number of years.  My desire is to stay strong and fit enough to stay in my own home and care for myself.  Doing a regular program helps me do that.   I can really tell the difference in my strength and ability when I stop for a while due to trips etc.  It also helps keep my blood pressure down, plus many other benefits.

Lee Boswell