Keizer is lucky to have three thoughtful and involved candidates seeking City Council Position 3.

Marlene Quinn’s experience and preparation put her at the top of the heap, which is why we endorse her for the job.

Her record of service is impressive: Four years in the U.S. Air Force and a decade of  committee activity within the city, in addition to other groups. Her familiarity with the wide variety of issues prepares her to be an effective and assertive councilor right off the bat.

Her background and demeanor suggest she won’t back down if her opinion differs from that of her fellow councilors.

She understands Keizer must consider some sort of urban growth boundary expansion, but wants to emphasize living wage jobs and is skeptical of projects that could undermine the rest of the local economy.

She opposes the mean-spirited and pointless rule banning non-citizen teens from serving in the city’s youth councilor role, which for all the fireworks surrounding the issue is essentially a ceremonial role where  youths can learn about government.

Eamon Bishop and Matthew Chappell are also seeking the position, and we encourage them to stay involved in local government and continue to exert influence. That is the path that led us to endorse Quinn.