To the Editor:

For over twelve years Keizer has been moving forward because of Lore Christopher’s ability, support, leadership and dedication.

I have had the opportunity to work with her on many occasions. Some of them include Keizer Little League, Keizer Rapids Park, Keizer Rotary Amphitheatre, and Keizer Dog Park.

When I was president of the Keizer Little League. Lore was responsible for helping over one hundred teams get sponsors. Her ability to accomplish this task has never been done before or since.

Keizer Rapids Park was a dream Lore made happen. Her support helped build a park used and loved by many. Under her leadership many activities have been developed for all of us.

My vision and others for the Keizer Rotary Amphitheater would not have been possible without Lore’s leadership in city council. Lore made it happen.

Lore is a dog lover and supports pet activities in the community. Under her guidance we were able to build the best dog park in the State of Oregon.

Under her leadership much has been accomplished. She has proven her ability, support, leadership and dedication to keep Keizer a great place to live now and in the future.

Re-elect Lore Christopher for mayor.

Clint Holland


To the Editor:

I ask my fellow citizens to re-elect Lore Christopher as our mayor.

I’ve known Lore for over 10 years, and I have worked with her in professional and volunteer service capacities.  Consistently, Lore is a professional, pragmatic and effective leader. She has a genuine desire to care for and improve this city.

Sometimes we take great leadership for granted, but I hope you will pause for a moment and think of all the great work the city has accomplished with Lore as mayor.  I love Keizer Rapids Park, and the vision Lore led to re-connect us to the Willamette River.  I look at Keizer Station and see jobs created for Keizer’s economy. I enjoy the parades, Christmas tree lighting,  and Iris Festival and I see a spirit of volunteerism that she fosters with her openness and energy.  Don’t take Lore’s leadership for granted. Let’s re-elect her as our mayor.

Greg Prins


To the Editor:

After watching the mayor’s debate on television and reading all of the campaign rhetoric, I’m convinced that we need to re-elect Mayor Lore Christopher.

Councilor David McKane’s slogan is for a more respectable and open city government, but his past actions are the opposite.When the city council, after many public hearings, voted to send the Clear Lake issue to the voters, councilor McKane voted no. He stated that he didn’t know enough about the departments and districts to make an intelligent decision.

To allow the voters to decide on the fire issue, the council was taking the only position it could to remain neutral and let the citizens decide by a vote of the people.

Councilor McKane chose to make this a political ploy for his own political gain. Mayor Christopher took the high road and voted to let the voters decide.

As a lifelong resident of Keizer, I ask that you join me in voting to re-elect Lore Christopher. She is the truely honest and respectful candidate in this race.

Terrol Hoag


To the Editor: 

Most are familiar with Lore Christopher, as the woman behind the gavel. She’s the woman officiating city council meetings or attending conferences on our behalf. You probably know what political attributes she has and can see the effects her leadership has had in Keizer.

I want you to know the “Woman behind the Gavel.” It’s important to me that any person in a leadership position have tenacity, empathy, and undeniable enthusiasm for what they do, and that they like doing it.

I have the privilege of knowing Lore through our work together in the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, Keizer Chamber Foundation, Keizer Arts Program, and the Keizer Gift Basket Program.

Part of her accolades include the enhancements you see on River Road, which are two-fold:  we have beautiful trees, sidewalks, benches, water features and art sculpturea. The art provides culture and beauty, and our mayor feels we can influence our children through art. River Road Art is a way to intrigue—maybe even make them curious and interested.

The Gift Basket Program serves almost 400 underprivileged Keizer children. Countless volunteer hours make sure the work gets done so children have gifts, clothing and food for Christmas. Lore Christopher has worked as a volunteer with us, stuffing boxes, sorting gifts, checking lists and then making purchases for a family or two.

I trust Lore’s actions to be in my best interest. I like her “find a way or make a way” attitude. I love her positive sprit, energy and love for people.

Let’s keep Lore Christopher as Keizer’s mayor.

Audrey T. Butler


To the Editor:

I am writing to confirm my long standing support of Lore Christopher as mayor of Keizer and to support her in her efforts to continue in that role.

In my experience, there is a wide range or reasons why people choose to seek elective office.  I am thankful that Oregon and the city of Keizer has so many individuals willing to make sacrifices and dedicate themselves to that pursuit.   And while many have the talents that we as a public need to make sure that government runs smoothly and seeks to address challenges that we face, there are few that demonstrate the determination and drive that Lore has to actively and effectively improve the City of Keizer.

Lore has consistently shown creativity, integrity and fortitude even when faced with impossible situations.  She is more interested in getting the job done than taking credit for it.  I refuse to question why anyone would be willing to take on the challenges of public office.  But I want to applaud one who I am very glad had decided to do so.  Join me in keeping Lore Christopher mayor of Keizer.

Craig Campbell