To the Editor:

I have known Marlene Quinn for five years. The reason I am writing today is to encourage the voters of Keizer to elect Marlene Quinn to city council position # 3 and here’s why:

Marlene has called Keizer home for the past 19 years while raising her three girls here. During that time, Marlene was always the first to step up and volunteer to help with the local school committees and sports teams her daughters played for and the McNary softball and volleyball teams. She was the consummate team mom.

She began volunteering for the city over 13 years ago in a variety of positions;

• She has served on the Keizer Parks Advisory Board for eight years improving Keizer parks for all of us.

• She has served on the Volunteer Coordinating Committee selecting other volunteers to serve Keizer citizens.

• She has served as Keizer Ambassador for the Keizer Community Center, ensuring that our investment is protected and cared for.

• She is a member of the Keizer Parks Foundation tasked with fundraising for Keizer Parks outside of the city’s budget.

And now that Marlene has an empty nest, she is able to volunteer even more of her time to the city that she loves, the city that we all love, Keizer, as a city councilor.

Marlene has already proven herself to the people of Keizer through her extensive volunteer work. She has shown herself to be a person of integrity, trustworthiness, and commitment. We need a person like this to represent us. Join me in electing Marlene Quinn to position #3  It’s a choice we will all be proud of.

A.J. Nash