To the Editor:

Please join me in writing in Brandon Smith for position 2 on the Keizer City Council (& fill in the box on the write-in line).  Brandon has served us well on the Council for the past 5 years, working quietly but effectively, often raising thoughtful questions during Council meetings.

A number of Keizer citizens belatedly urged Brandon to run again as a write-in because of their concerns about the only registered candidate for position 2, Ken LeDuc.  Many of us were alarmed to see Mr. LeDuc chastise Councilor Smith (who was taking notes on his iPad) for allegedly not paying sufficient attention while LeDuc spoke at the Oct. 1 council meeting.  This uncivil behavior by Mr. LeDuc points to his overly partisan and one-sided approach to issues, an approach that I had previously witnessed when we both served on the West Keizer Neighborhood Association Board.

I know that Brandon will look at issues from the perspective of what is best for all Keizer citizens, not just those who live in a particular location.  And he will consider issues in a calm and rational fashion, respecting others who may hold a different opinion.

Don Beckman