To the Editor:

I read Eamon Bishop’s guest column (Idiots with lowered voices, Keizertimes, Oct. 12). Here is what I took from it:

He would physically assault someone who addresses his wife or child in a “rude, unprofessional, and confrontational manner,”
he “felt like an idiot” after leaving the October 5 council session,
he “can (often) be an idiot,” he does not regret his actions at the council session,
he still wants you to vote for him for Keizer City Council position #3.

Mr. Bishop will not have my vote. I will support the candidacy of Marlene Quinn, who has the experience and temperament to serve the citizens of Keizer.

Clint Holland


To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Marlene Quinn’s candidacy for a position on the Keizer City Council.

I have known Marlene and her family for over 20 years.   As long as I have known Marlene, she has been a person who has been active in and supportive of this city.   She has expressed a sense of responsibility to give back to the community for what it has given her family.

Marlene has volunteered to serve the city in many ways including terms on the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Keizer Volunteer Committee.  She brings innovative ideas and a passion for improvement to the tasks she is involved in.  While on the Parks Board you would often see Marlene volunteering to mow a city park when the economic recession caused staff cuts.  She is willing to do what is necessary to get a job done.

Marlene is a founding board member for a non-profit group, Keizer Parks Foundation, formed six years ago to fundraise for needed parks improvements and recreation programs.  This group has been instrumental in the improvements to the dog park, formation of the summer recreation program, and other parks improvements such as historical signage and play equipment.  Marlene has been instrumental in the planning of projects, as well as, the fundraising to make these improvements possible.  She continues to bring her energy to this group.

Marlene will bring new energy and perspective to the Keizer City Council.  She will work hard and is willing to put in the needed hours to get the work of the city done.  Because of her many years of city involvement, Marlene is on top of the issues facing our city and I urge you to vote for her.

Vickie Hilgemann

To the Editor:

All three candidates for Keizer City Council position #3 are capable. However Marlene Quinn stands out as the most qualified. Comparing the three, Marlene has the broader perspective of the issues and knows the history behind the issues. Marlene has gained this insight by virtue of years of involvement with many different aspects of the community.

Please join me in electing Marlene Quinn.

Jerry McGee