To the Editor:

I believe David McKane is the best candidate for Keizer’s mayor. He listens to citizens and has Keizer’s best interest in mind. For example, David McKane was the only city councilor to oppose the cell phone tax, as were the majority of Keizer citizens. McKane also opposed an unnecessary fee that would have been added to our water bill. Again, Keizer citizens agreed in an 80 percent to 20 percent vote.

David McKane also was the only city councilor opposed to the Clear Lake annexation by Keizer Fire District which was a divisive and costly proposal to eliminate Marion County Fire District’s service to Keizer. This too was opposed by Keizer citizens in a 65 percent to 35 percent vote. Had the entire city council and the current mayor listened to the citizens of Keizer, these issues may never have needed to go to a vote which also costs taxpayer’s money.

As mayor, I believe David McKane will continue to model and lead the city council and city staff to be more receptive to its citizens. His experiences and lessons learned during his eight years as a city councilor will help him provide respectful leadership for our city council, for our citizens, to the many organizations that work with the city, and to other local governments.

I will be voting for David McKane for mayor of Keizer.

Pamela Fifer


To the Editor:

For the first time in a decade, the citizens of Keizer will have the opportunity to choose someone different for mayor. Our current mayor has had a lengthy stint, but now it’s time for new leadership. I suggest David McKane is the right person for this important job.

McKane brings two critically needed attributes to the office of mayor: his thoughtful leadership which encourages collaboration between opposing viewpoints and his common sense decision-making. These plus his extensive experience as a city council member himself make McKane the best choice for our mayor.

McKane understands well that Keizer residents are already pressed by high taxes and they are tired of attempts to grow government on the backs of taxpayers. His desire and effort to deliver quality low-cost local government are the solutions we need in the reality of limited resources. As a member of the Keizer City Council, McKane was the only council member to vote against the Keizer cell phone tax. McKane’s vote was vindicated when the sponsors of the tax overturned their decision in the face of a citizen initiative. He also opposed the “Public Safety Fee” on Keizer water bills. When this tax came up for a vote, 82 percent of Keizer’s voters sided with McKane overwhelmingly rejecting this additional tax burden.

McKane brings a set of solid core principles from which he will represent us responsibly. With his sound judgment and respectful leadership style, the city of Keizer will benefit greatly by electing David McKane its next mayor.

Mark Manthey


To the Editor:

I expressed my opinion at a recent city council meeting and came home feeling like I had been disrespected by a member of the council.  Over the years I have seen the council at work and at times some councilors do not appear to give citizens their undivided attention.

Mayoral candidate and current city councilor David McKane conducts himself like a true statesman.  He listens.  He is patient and well prepared.  He also appears to be open-minded.  He makes up his mind on issues when the discussion is over and is often on the side of the citizens.  He was the only member of the council to vote no for the cell phone fee.  He also voted no on the water bill fee.  He was the only councilor who voted against the ordinance that took the Clear Lake area away from Marion County Fire District #1.  The council moved forward with that decision and a Marion County Circuit Court judge ruled that action by the council was illegal.  And he was the only councilor to vote against the action.

After 10 years we have a choice for mayor in Keizer.  Our local government can do better for its citizens.  McKane has a great grasp of the local issues affecting Keizer.  Please join me in voting for respectful leadership for Keizer.  Vote for David McKane for Keizer mayor.

Rick Hammerquist


To the Editor:

I would like to offer my support for David McKane for mayor of Keizer.  I got to know Dave in his service as a Keizer city councilor and my service on the Keizer Planning Commission. I found Dave to be very supportive, yet very independent with his city council voting.  He is a good listener and very polite and courteous to testifying citizens. He appears to be a solid foundation for city council debates, not rushing to decisions and not going along with the majority if he is not comfortable.

Dave was also a strong supporter of the Veterans Parking Program when I presented the concept to the city council. Dave supports the city staff, police department and Keizer Fire District even if he doesn’t agree with all decisions. He is an excellent candidate for mayor having years of administrative experience and as a small business owner. He is not afraid to go against the grain and offer an opposing opinion.

Mayor Lore Christopher has been an excellent mayor with a distinguished service record. She has volunteered countless hours as mayor for the city and with other agencies required by the responsibility. My only issue is that she has been mayor for 12 years, six terms and I don’t believe any citizen should monopolize an office. Holding the office and continuing to run for the office discourages other candidates due to name recognition, the prestige of the office and existing political contacts and financial support. It becomes the incumbent’s monopolizing of the office simply because they hold the office. That is government of the incumbent, by the incumbent, for the incumbent.

I would say, thank you Mayor Christopher for your outstanding service to the city of Keizer. I have the greatest respect for you. But let’s allow some other well qualified citizens participate in Keizer city government—government of the people, by the people, for the people.

John P. Rizzo


To the Editor:

Unlike the previous six Mayoral elections in Keizer, this year there’s a choice.  Let’s compare the candidates.

Lore Christopher touts being pro-business yet on her personal Facebook page in 2010 she called for a boycott against  Albertson’s grocery store simply because she thought they disagreed with her position on a city ordinace.  She touts being pro safety, yet early this year in a Letter To The Editor called the Marion County Fire Station who’s sole purpose is serving Keizer by protecting lives and property, reckless, endangering, and puts lives at stake.  Posed with the question, in a recent mayoral debate, if she believed these statements were an example of respectful leadership Christopher stated, “…I would do it again.”  This type of arrogance is not what I want in a city leader.

On the other hand David McKane summed up his feelings toward respectful leadership during the debate with a self reminder.  He stated that at the beginning of each City Council meeting the Council recites the Pledge of Allegiance.  As a Keizer City Counselor during the past eight years, McKane said he reminds himself to be respectful by silently adding at the end, “…with liberty and justice for all (even for those with whom I disagree).”  This is the type of respectful attitude I appreciate in a city leader.

Likewise I believe McKane has the best interest of Keizer in mind.  Whereas Christopher was an outspoken advocate for a cell phone tax, McKane was the only member of the City Council who opposed it.  Fortunately the ordinance was repealed as a result of public outcry.  McKane also opposed an unnecessary fee that would have been added to the city’s utility bill.  Keizer citizens agreed with McKane in a land-slide 80%-to-20% vote.

Christopher also was an outspoken advocate in partnership with the Keizer Fire District, for the annexation of the Clear Lake area in an attempt to eliminate the Marion County Fire District’s service to Keizer.  Again, McKane was the only member of the City Council who opposed it.  Keizer citizens opposed it too by a 65-to-35 margin.

Yes – this year there is a choice for Keizer citizens, and I believe the choice is clear.  Please join me in voting for David McKane for Mayor.

Dave Fifer