Owners of Electronics Renew on Cherry Avenue are asking the public to be wary of any used electronics with this warranty sticker, like on this Xbox 360. A burglar stole customer gear, including gaming consoles and televisions, from the premises. (KEIZERTIMES/Jason Cox)

Of the Keizertimes

A Keizer business that sells and repairs electronics was burglarized, losing much of what they had in stock along with some customer information stored on a computer.

Owners of Electronics Renew can’t even contact customers to inform them their equipment was stolen because the store’s customer records were on a computer that was also taken, and they didn’t have off-site backup. Information in the database includes names, phone numbers, addresses and serial numbers of equipment brought in by customers.

“As they call in to check the status of their repair, we (have to tell them) unfortunately, we were broken into and their equipment was taken,” said Donald Potter, the store’s website designer.

The staff is hoping anyone shopping for used electronics, like video game systems, looks for their distinctive sticker on the back of the console. The sticker is extremely difficult for a thief to remove, Potter said.

On an Xbox 360, it is likely under the disc tray, and on Playstation 3 it’s located next to the serial number sticker, Potter said.

“If people are buying something from people they don’t know and something looks off, please notify Keizer Police,” Potter said.