To the Editor:

While serving on the Keizer City Council for a decade with Mayor Lore Christopher I had a front row seat to observe Mayor Christopher’s passionate optimism about the future of Keizer.  That optimism has allowed her to see the big picture and gave her the energy to work tirelessly to help improve our quality of life here in Keizer.

Lore’s optimism is infectious and has allowed her to forge strong partnerships with business and regional partners as is evident in her being elected as president of the Oregon Mayors Association.  Her optimism and ability to mobilize support for Keizer from regional partners has allowed her to persevere through the difficult and sometimes painful process culminating in the development of Keizer Station which successfully created over a thousand jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue in the middle of a recession that has decimated other cities.

Similarly Lore’s optimism and love for Keizer gave her the ability to help complete improvements on River Road, the Community Center, Keizer Rapids Park (including the dog park), and a new state of the art police facility.  Keizer has very limited resources to do any of these things but with Lore’s leadership, innovation, and ability to collaborate with regional and business partners we were able to get all this done without any property tax increases.  Her job is not done, we still need her help to finish the transit station, get a hotel and restaurant in Keizer Station, finish the Area C master plan with high paying medical jobs and much more and we need to do all this within our very limited resources.  We need Lore to stay in office…she needs your vote!

Rich Walsh