To the Editor:

I was pleased to learn that Brandon Smith would accept serving as Keizer City Council Position #2 if he were elected in a write-in campaign.  I will be writing in Mr. Smith’s name on the ballot.

Smith has exhibited strong leadership skills serving in this position for five years.  He is a well informed councilor who will listen to citizens before acting.  Mr. Smith has always treated my opinion with dignity and respect, whether he agreed with it or not.

Brandon Smith possesses the important qualities I look for in a candidate:  he is well prepared and informed for council business as he conducts his research in an open-minded manner, hears all citizens who wish to be heard, treats citizens with dignity and respect, finally making his decision representing what he believes is best for the citizens of Keizer.

Unfortunately, from what I have observed, it is my opinion that the other candidate does not possess the leadership qualities I look for in representing me on the council—making this write-in campaign necessary.  Please make your vote count best for the citizens of Keizer and join me and many others and write-in Brandon Smith on the ballot for Keizer City Council Position #2.

Mike Kurtz