Samuel Hayes with the equine topiary he installed at Keizer Elementary School as part of his Eagle Scout project. (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)

Just in case you can’t remember Keizer Elementary School’s mascot, Samuel Hayes’ Eagle Scout project will help you remember for years to come.

Samuel, a student at McNary High School, and about 15 of his fellow scouts, friends, parents, and other volunteers donated close to 100 hours of time to spruce up two formerly neglected landscape areas in front of the building.  Samuel, a former Keizer Colt, organized an effort to beautify two highly visible, front-of-the-school flower beds through stump grinding and cleaning the two spaces prior to tucking a variety of new plants into a thick bed of fresh red fir bark mulch.

The crowning achievement of Samuel’s landscape design is a “green colt” fit for a Disney World exhibit that stands in front of the front left wall.

Sculpted from arbor vitae, the green colt, donated by Bountiful Farms of Woodburn from its topiary collection, offers a green greeting to all who enter the building.

Bountiful Gardens donated all plant materials and Bark Boys donated red fir mulch.