Day: October 9, 2012

Celtic, Oly clash could have big impact on race for playoffs

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes A few weeks ago, many teams in the Central Valley Conference might have been willing to write off a game with Sprague High School as a loss but, with four teams holding a 1-1 record, the Celtics game with Sprague has become a very big deal. “We’re depending on South to beat West, but this will a big game and, if we win, it gives us tons of momentum going into McKay. If South beats West, then it’s all up for grabs,” said Celt running back Brett Hildebrand. While the Saxons and Titans won’t meet for another week, McNary locks horns with Sprague at home Thursday, Oct. 12. During the preseason, the Olys were expected to walk away with the CVC title, but opportunities expanded for other teams after took a loss to currently undefeated West Salem. “We will try our best to take away their best runs, but ultimately, they have good football players, and good players make good plays. We focus on what we have control over, and I want to see us respond to big plays by making big plays of our own,” said Isaac Parker, McNary head coach. While West got the better of the Olys, it was a close contest with a 29-26 final score and it was Sprague only loss of the season and it’s lowest...

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If you’ve got the money, Double D Delivery has the time

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes New Keizer business Double “D” Delivery touts itself as a delivery company that will take “Anyone, Anything, Anywhere.” We were joking when we asked for a Coca Cola, but co-founder Danny Wold takes his work seriously. Sure enough, there it was when he and Dan Sprenkle came in to talk about their new operation. Both of them operate businesses already – Sprenkle is a photographer and videographer, while Wold owns the dance studio Classic Tap and is an accomplished jazz drummer. “We consider ourselves brothers from another mother,” Sprenkle said. “… And we were both of the mindset that we didn’t want to work for the man, we’re both self-employed and have entrepreneurial spirits.” When the two longtime friends were stoking their entrepreneurial fires, this type of business was appealing: Low start-up costs, flexible hours, they could split hours of availability and it may very well fill the gap between taxi companies and courier services. “As long as it makes financial sense for us to do it – gas and time, basically,” Sprenkle said. Rates start with a $5 surcharge and then $2 a mile. “We’ll deliver a letter if it needs to get some place, or we’ll deliver two dozen bales of hay,” Sprenkle said. “We just got back from a medical marijuana facility as possible clientele.” While the Oregon State Fair is...

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