To the Editor:

I have known and worked with Lore Christopher for the past six years.  I know her to be a tireless advocate for our Keizer community and specifically local employers.  Lore’s profession is as a human resources director and recruiter, so local employment is near to her heart and she lives what she believes.

She truly has made a difference for local employers by helping remove barriers and bringing diverse groups together to move forward on projects that have been extremely beneficial for our Keizer community.  Those projects include the Keizer Station (which now employs over 1,200 local residents) and the Keizer Transit Station that is currently underway providing construction jobs now and access to transportation for jobs in the future.

She is running for re-election to complete additional planned development on Chemawa Road that will include medical offices, a hotel and senior housing.  This is a lofty goal and will bring great local jobs to Keizer, now.  The impacts of these improvements will bring sustained living wage jobs and an increased tax base Keizer for years to come.

Lore has the right vision, energy, experience and ability to get this done!  Join me in voting for her on November 6…and let’s keep Keizer moving forward!

AJ Nash