Day: October 1, 2012

Woman attempted to drive stolen car to court, police say

Even good intentions won’t help you if you’re pulled over in a stolen car, as a Keizer woman learned Monday morning, police said. The woman, 26, was driving a 1991 Honda Accord police describe as stolen when she was pulled over by Marion County Sheriff’s Sr. Deputy Jeffrey Nicoloff on Caplinger road about 9:10 a.m. Monday, Oct. 1. The vehicle came back as stolen after authorities checked the license plate, said Don Thomson, public information officer for MCSO. Authorities said she was headed to court to support a friend who had an 8:30 a.m. appearance. She too had a date in court later that day on theft charges, and were not far from the Marion County Court Annex on Aumsville Road SE when officers stopped them. Deputies searched the vehicle and allegedly found shaved car keys, latex gloves and cordless drills – all consistent with vehicle theft, Thomson said. The passenger was using a police scanner to monitor the agency’s traffic, and knew they were being pulled over because it was reported stolen. Both suspects in the case have “extensive criminal histories,” Thomson said. Arrested were: • Jennifer Sue Dalbey, 26, of Keizer, for unlawful use, entry and possession of a stolen vehicle. • Robert Wayne Cooper, 30, of Salem, for unlawful use and entry into a stolen vehicle, possession of burglary tools and violation of parole. A second...

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“Why Have Kids? A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness” by Jessica Valenti

“Why Have Kids? A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness” by Jessica Valenti  (performed in audio by Emily Beresford) c.2012, New Harvest, $23.00, 179 pages c.2012, Brilliance Audio, $29.99, 5CDs / 5h 20m BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Your former classmate leads such an interesting life. She told you this summer about the trips she took recently: Aruba, Paris, Johannesburg, Tokyo. She waves perfectly manicured hands as she describes partying all night, leisurely meals, Sundays with an unspoiled newspaper, and a fun job, unencumbered. You hate her. Yes, you love your kids. But would you choose parenthood again if you had a second chance? That’s one of the intriguing questions in “Why Have Kids?” by Jessica Valenti. Two days after she toured a New York hospital’s maternity center, Jessica Valenti gave birth, two months early. It was not what she had in mind when she made her birth plan and once her daughter came home, parenting wasn’t what she imagined. There were no blissful bonding times for Valenti and her daughter. No Madonna-like baby-at-the-breast scenarios and no Fierce Mama moments. Valenti says she loved her child, but not like she figured she “should.” Things got better eventually, but not before Valenti realized that parenting “needs a paradigm shift.” The ideal that’s been long-touted is nowhere near reality and “that disconnect is making us miserable.” Children, she...

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First responders honored for bravery

Three Keizer men were honored for bravery in the line of duty. Two are Keizer Police officers, while the third is a firefighter for the Salem Fire Department. They received the Professional Rescue Real Hero awards from the Willamette Chapter of the American Red Cross. Brent Durschmidt, was honored along with Capt. Gary West, Firefighter John Merrick and Engineer Chuck Ettel for bringing a family of four, including two young children, to safety in an apartment fire in Salem last December. Merrick was one of the first on scene to an apartment fire Dec. 16, 2011, grabbed a ladder and was able to pull a child through a second-story window. Merrick was unable to fit through the window, so he broke it, removed the frame, allowing Durschmidt to squeeze through. He discovered the father, clutching his child in the bathtub. Trying to pull the child free, the father’s instinct was to hold on. Durschmidt said a quick prayer and finally pulled the child loose and handed her off to another firefighter. Meanwhile, West and Ettel found the unconscious mother in another room. Durschmidt pulled the now-unconscious father out of the building and to Merrick, who began resuscitation efforts. From Keizer Police, Sgt. Andrew Copeland and Officer Rodney Bamford were both honored for their efforts pulling a man out of a car with flames threatening nearby. Paramedic Supervisor Mike Harness...

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