Nelson Peterson and Lukas Breen, 2011 graduates of McNary High School, are both headed to Germany as college exchange students. (Submitted)

Of the Keizertimes

Two 2011 McNary High School alums are headed to Germany for the 2012-13 school year as part of exchange programs at their Oregon-based universities.

Lukas Breen and Nelson Peterson are enrolled at Pacific University and Oregon State University, respectively, and flew to Germany last week to begin exchange programs.

Breen is pursuing a degree in German after studying the language for four years at McNary alongside Peterson under the tutelage of John Mangan.

“My goal is immersing myself in the culture and improving my ability to speak German,” Breen said.

He’s keeping his options open as far as a career goes.

“Teaching is definitely a big one as is business,” Breen said. He will be studying at a school in Baumberg, Germany, during the next year.

Peterson is studying German and crop and soil science at OSU. He is hoping to take some agriculture courses at his school in Hohenheim, Germany.

“Their country is the size of Oregon and they have to supply for a high demand,” Peterson said.

He’s also curious to see how agricultural practices differ in a nation where small farms are still the norm.

“Most of the farming is done through small farms unlike the U.S. where it’s a lot of large corporate farms,” Peterson said.

Breen and Peterson both participated in shorter exchange trips during their time at McNary and both were eager for a larger dose of what the country offers as far as culture.