There are many functions and events Keizer that would not happen in Keizer without non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations stage parades, festivals, and other community events.

In most cases those organizations seek to cut costs by applying for waivers of fees charged by a governmental jurisdiction such as the city or a fire district. Those fees apply to permits, inspections, staffing, and other logistical duties.

Those services provided by the city or a fire district cost real money, either in material, or more importantly, man hours. As much as local governments want to be an intregal part of, and good neighbor, in the community, it can too much to ask them to waive 100 percent of fees for every function.

We all want to see non-profit organizations continue their good works to help people and their communities. The raise funds for their causes, projects, and programs. Keizer has always been generous when it comes to donating goods, services, or money to events staged by non-profit groups. Those businesses operate on a different paradigm; many budget for donations throughout the year. Government entities in times of tight budgets don’t have the leeway as in years past to offer man power for free. The cost of government is not free and they must watch their bottom lines carefully.

We suggest that instead of waiving all applicable fees the city and fire districts devise an event/non-profit fee structure.  Offer the fees at 25 percent of the normal rate; the city and fire district are still being a good neighbor while maintaining budgets. The non-profit groups get a deep discount for a necessary expense.

Something that is for the good of the community should be good for everyone, including the city and fire districts.