Day: August 20, 2012

“Falling in Love with Joseph Smith” by Jane Barnes

“Falling in Love with Joseph Smith” by Jane Barnes c.2012, Jeremy P. Tarcher Penguin $25.95 / $27.50 Canada 288 pages BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER The magazines reminded you of a different time. There they were, moldering in a pile in the attic where your mother found them, dozens of them, dog-eared and well-loved. Why did she save them?  You’ll never know, but as you wistfully fingered the fragile paper, memories of a crush you had on a teen idol came flooding back. You’d almost forgotten that obsession. You’d never forget his songs. For author Jane Barnes, the obsession started in adulthood and grew, until the subject of her fascination asked her to change her life. In her book “Falling in Love with Joseph Smith,” she explains… The obsession began with another obsession: following some innocent religious exposure, Jane Barnes began to irrationally fear the deaths of her two young daughters. It was a fear she couldn’t stop, so she called on her childhood God for help. He didn’t answer. Seeking religion that offered comfort, Barnes tried other churches and rejected them all – until she read about Joseph Smith. Smith was born in Vermont in 1805 to churchgoing parents who allowed their children to choose their own religions. At age fourteen, young Joseph went into the woods to ask God to help him decide, when he was bathed...

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Schrader: Gun laws can’t fix crazy

The following are highlights from an interview with Rep. Kurt Schrader, Oregon’s congressman from the Fifth District: Q: With a couple of recent, terrible tragedies (the Colorado movie theater shooting and another at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin), do you feel Congress should take up anything like the assault weapons ban? A: “No, I don’t. We have a lot of people that have a lot of serious problems here. It’s an individual issue. Unless you lock up every firearm in the country you couldn’t prevent, and you still wouldn’t do it because crazy people would find a way to get weapons. That’s just the real world, legally or illegally. We have a right to bear arms, I support that 100 percent. … Hopefully there will be a lot less mental health and other issues that push people to do these horrible things.” Q: What specifically can Congress do to build or improve a system to catch people before they get into a crisis mode? A: “We can be doing what Oregon’s already doing which is building these coordinated care organizations. They’re not just about physical health. They’re about mental health. It’s been proven, and even in my little world as a veterinarian, the mental health of the patient is critical to the physical recovery and it brings on a lot of physical ailments if they’re not mentally healthy. I...

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Resignation not due to politics, says MC Fire board member

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Two Marion County fire board seats are vacant after the resignations of Wayne Miller and Ken Morin last month, with one saying he felt he could no longer be effective in his position. But Miller, whose July 18 resignation letter hinted at conflict within volunteer ranks, said he wasn’t leaving due to issues between he and fellow board members or MCFD Fire Chief Kevin Henson. Miller, a 40-year volunteer for MCFD, said he felt members of support services weren’t being heard in the mix with other volunteer firefighters. Support services generally consists of retired or semi-retired firefighters with the district for at least 10 years. They restore fire engines, ride in parades and assist the agency in various ways, but they do not fight fires, Miller said. “This was just something I felt I needed to do for my fellow retired, or semi-retired, firefighters,” he said. “I felt like I had a good relationship with the rest of the board, and the Marion County administration, and I fully support those people.” Morin didn’t return a call seeking comment from the Keizertimes. In response to a records request seeking both members’ resignation letters, Board President Randy Franke said Morin didn’t submit a letter. Miller’s was provided to the Keizertimes as requested. Miller said he felt he was able to assist in the agency’s election...

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