Day: August 10, 2012

House plan on McLeod draws critics

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Opponents of a proposed small subdivision are upset it was approved by Keizer’s hearings officer last month – and are even more perplexed that the Keizer City Council apparently is as powerless as they are to stop it. Neighbors fear the traffic impact of a proposal to subdivide 0.78 acres into five lots, which includes an existing home, and say the covenants, conditions and restrictions from the original Whiteaker Heights subdivision still apply to the property and do not allow the small lot sizes proposed in the application. Leading the charge of frustrated residents was Charles Baker, who said he would have purchased the parcel himself had he known he would have otherwise been subdivided. He also said the traffic data used in the hearings officer’s decision was outdated. “The backup of traffic on that street at times is horrendous and it’s terrible when you have both school and people running to work,” Baker said. The land is at the northwest corner of McLeod and Zachris Court NE. RHM Enterprises recently purchased the land from Steve and Sandra King. Paul Holstege, a trustee of one of the company’s members, said a lack of new homes in Keizer made this project attractive, citing the popularity of Wheatland Meadows. “That’s one of the motivating factors – we think there’s a demand in Keizer,” he said....

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Celtic summer team takes state

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The McNary Celtics won the Oregon Junior Division II state title two weeks ago at a tournament in Canby. The team, comprised mostly of sophomores alongside three juniors, swept the three-game tournament held July 27-29. The team kept their focus through most of the season en route to a 23-7 record, said Head Coach Brodie Cavaille. Baseball strategy has changed quite a bit with new bats that aren’t as generous as their predecessors and the team is adapting well with focus on fundamentals. “The bats really change the dynamic, you can’t sit around waiting for a double or a home run. You’ve got to be able to run, bunt and steal and the kids responded to that by playing tough defense and being mechanically sound,” Cavaille said. The Celts opened the tournament with a 2-1 win over Scappoose, but it wasn’t exactly a shining moment offensively. “Mickey Walker was our pitcher and he battled, he pitched well enough that it should have been a sure win, but we stuck it out,” Cavaille said. The team found firmer footing in a second-round game with Reynolds that ended in a 9-6 win. A six-run first put McNary in the driver’s seat, but then “they took the foot off the gas,” Cavaille said. Reynolds edged back into the game as McNary started playing “not to...

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Mayor’s award

We congratulate Lore Christopher who received the Mayor’s Leadership Award from the Oregon Mayors Association last month. Christopher was nominated for the award anonymously by a fellow mayor.  She was cited, in part, for her accomplishments including the planning and developing of Keizer Station and Keizer Civic Center. Since her election in 2000 the mayor has positioned herself as a major player in regional issues, which is good for Keizer; she is at the table when decisions are made.  Keizer is not an island, the city’s issues are the same ones that all mid-Willamette Valley governments face. The mayor, a former president of Oregon Mayors Association, is a sought-after mentor for rookie mayors across the state, who seek the benefit of her knowledge and experience. It’s nice to know that “The Keizer Way” is being exported to other cities. Kudos to the mayor on her award and helping her peers be the best they can be in their own towns.           ...

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New Olympic sports

By NICK THOMAS With memories of the 2012 Olympics soon to fade faster than the life expectancy of North Korean athletes who failed to medal, I confess I was disappointed that new, exotic sports weren’t added to this year’s Games. So who’s for spicing up future Olympics with some dazzling, novel events? Oh sure, I know golf will be featured in the 2016 Rio Games. But they may as well add chess and croquet, too, and have the paramedics standing by when spectators collapse from boredom. Get with the times, Olympic Committee, we’re in the exciting digital age now! To capture the attention of young, high-tech spectators, we need new cool events such as Speed Tweeting, The iPhone Toss, and Balance Beam While Texting. Mind you, I’m not against introducing some new, interesting “old school” events either, such as Crocodile Wrestling, Peat Bog Diving, or Synchronized Cary Grant Impersonating. If you detect a touch of sarcasm along these lines, I suppose it’s because, as a child, I rarely succeeded at sports. I can only attribute my athletic failures to a complete lack of competitive drive whatsoever. That, and having the upper body strength of Pee-wee Herman, the lung capacity of a canary, and the coordination of a dung beetle. However, I do appreciate that some sporting skills can be very useful in everyday life. Take swimming, for example. Should...

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Harry Reid’s big mouth

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS Whenever a name Republican says something stupid or indefensible or arguably both, for the next three days folks will open a conversation by asking me (the only Republican they know) what I think about the latest GOP gaffe. That standard does not apply when Democrats talk out of turn —even when they make unsupportable accusations deliberately. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did just that when he told The Huffington Post that an unnamed Bain Capital investor told him Mitt Romney “didn’t pay taxes for 10 years.” Romney denies the charge. PolitiFact rated Reid’s unsubstantiated claim as “pants on fire” false and “far-fetched.” Reid seemed to understand how fantastic his charge appeared. He told HuffPo, “Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain. But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?” HuffPo reported that though it is impossible to verify who the investor is (or whether Reid’s invisible friend has any proof or even knowledge of Romney’s tax history) — and that Reid didn’t even claim he knew what he said was true — “there is limited political downside to the type of open speculation that Reid is making, so long as Romney refuses to budge on the issue of his tax returns.” You see, when Democrats hurl charges they can’t back up, it’s because they’re so...

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