Day: July 27, 2012

Knights headed to regional tourney

The Oregon SWAT 14U baseball team, also known as the Keizer Knights, have earned a berth in the Pacific Northwest Regional Baseball Tournament that will be played in The Dalles, Oregon, July 31-August 6. Ten teams from across the Pacific Northwest and Canada will compete in the Tournament including teams from Alberta, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon – the winner will advance to the Babe Ruth World Series. SWAT earned the berth as a result of their second place finish in the recently concluded State Tournament held in Bend, Oregon, July 19-22. SWAT’s two-win, two-loss record in pool play earned the team the No. 4 seed in the four-team single elimination championship bracket and pitted the team against the undefeated No. 1 seed, the Central Oregon Bend All-Stars. SWAT had lost to the Central Oregon team the previous day in pool play by a lopsided score of 23-7. Mickey Walker took the mound for the Knights and struck out the first two Central Oregon hitters in the first inning before Elliott Willy doubled.  Walker eliminated the early threat by striking out Cameron Hines to end the first inning.  Central Oregon went down in order in the second and third innings. Meanwhile, Knight Cole Freeburg reached base on an error, pinch runner Hunter Antkowiak stole second, and scored SWAT’s first run on a single by Alan Cornejo in the...

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Reasons to join Heritage abound

By AL RASMUS The Keizer Heritage Foundation is housed in the oldest commercial building remaining in Keizer. Keizer School was built in 1916 and moved to its current location, near Keizer Civic Center, in 1998.  The main mission of the Foundation is to maintain the historic building in perpetuity. Why is Keizer Heritage Foundation an organization that someone should join as a member? Because the all-volunteer, non-profit organization maintains and operates the building, now known as the Keizer Heritage Center, all without tax money.  The Foundation also operates the Keizer Heritage Museum inside the Center.   The museum is a source of local history and treasures that would be lost or forgotten without the efforts of the members and volunteers of Foundation. The building houses other-non-profit organizations such as the Keizer Community Library and the Keizer Art Association and its classroom and the Enid Joy Mount Art Gallery as well as the offices of Keizer Young Life. In a 2010 report, The Keizer Heritage Foundation Task Force vowed to make the Center a focal point for the city of Keizer. The Keizer Heritage Foundation is seeking new members to continue the mission it began back in the 1990s. The Foundation gives back to the community, not only by maintaining its oldest building but also by awarding scholarships to McNary High School students. Revenue comes from tenant leases and conference...

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Reagan praised entrepreneurs

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW Does anybody remember, back in the depths of the recession of 1981-82, how President Ronald Reagan kept his chin up and exhorted American businesses to work hard and produce an economic recovery? Reagan had a program of tax cuts, limited domestic spending, deregulation and a strong defense aimed at overturning Soviet communism. He argued in speech after speech that his domestic plan would produce higher economic growth and lower unemployment, and that prosperity would generate the resources to fund a strong national security. Cynics proliferated. But Reagan stayed with it, praising free enterprise and entrepreneurs. And eventually, sunny skies replaced gloomy clouds. “Morning in America” appeared in 1983-84. Now contrast President Reagan’s performance with President Obama’s recent attack on business. Instead of exhorting entrepreneurship, Obama demonized it. Here’s the money quote: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” That’s a put down to business recovery, not an exhortation. Reagan praised entrepreneurs into recovery. Why must Obama trash them into recession? Great innovators like Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie didn’t rely on government. There was hardly any of it in those days. More recently, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison used genius to put brand-new ideas into production. And then you’ve got a whole smaller class of entrepreneurs: the electricians, bakers, clothing designers and financial planners....

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