Day: July 20, 2012

We need leaders, not dunkers

To the Editor: This business with the dunk tank and whether or not city councilors and the mayor should sit in the tank is silly. Of course they should have the right to say “no thanks.” Shouldn’t you? How would you like to feel...

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Summer vacation… sort of

Class Dismissed by Susanne Stefani Confession time. I check my work e-mail during the summer. Rather than indicating a hyper-dedication to the profession, I believe that logging in when campus is closed is actually a symptom of...

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Ernest Borgnine

By NICK THOMAS For years I had been trying to snag an interview with veteran actor, Ernest Borgnine. But each time I nagged his long-time publicist, Harry Flynn, Harry always had good excuses: “Ernie’s away filming.” “He’s...

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