We’re all just folks and neighbors here in Keizer.  We elect our friends and neighbors as mayors and city councilors. Keizer is proud of its common sense, egalitarian lifestyle; no high falutin pretensions or elitism here. Right?

Then why would the current seven city councilors step away from a good ol’ fashioned dunking as a benefit to raise money for the city’s underfunded parks? The dunk tank plan was presented by Ken LeDuc (a candidate for city council this year) and Rick Hammerquist, as a fund raiser for play equipment at Willamette Manor park.

In the Council Procedures and Rules book, Section 5.2, says in part “Councilors….shall at all times, while in session or otherwise, conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the dignity of their office.” That’s a pretty good rule in our way of thinking. But in a place like Keizer, in August when it’s hot, raising money for a city park doesn’t seem like a particular undigified thing to do.  We can think of plenty things that a sitting councilor shouldn’t do. But raising money doesn’t raise our hackles.  We wouldn’t think any less if Mayor Christopher or Councilor Taylor sat in a tank, taunting ball throwers and taking a plunge for the public good.

Politicians should be able to laugh at themselves, not take themselves so seriously, especially in Keizer. We don’t advocate councilors getting wild and crazy, but getting dunked in a water tank is fairly tame.

As for Section 5.2? It is should be an easy decision for the council to vote a waiver of this rule for this particular community event. Heck, we’ll even take our shots (and some wet hair) for the cause of improving our parks.

Let’s go city council, don’t be so serious.  Keizer is waiting…