Day: June 7, 2012

Keizer mayor offers guidance in Kosovo

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Keizer Mayor Lore Christopher recently returned from a trip to Pristina, Kosovo. But it wasn’t on some international trade mission. (And the city didn’t pay for her trip.) She was there in her role as human resources director for the Oregon State Legislature. The relatively new government in Kosovo is, in many ways, still building from the ground up. Christopher was there to explain concepts like progressive discipline, position descriptions and recruiting – those are all old hat here in the United States, but keep in mind the Republic of Kosovo is only 12 years old, and only four years out from a formal declaration of independence. She traveled there on behalf of the National Conference of State Legislators, whom were contracted by the National Democratic Institute. They picked Christopher in part because the Oregon legislature and Kosovo’s parliament (and population) are relatively close to the same size: Oregon has 90 legislators, Kosovo’s parliament has 120. You may think Congress would be a more apt comparison, but for apples to apples our state’s legislature made more sense. “They can’t really relate to congressional staffs of 35 when they have one,” Christopher said. “We have one. That makes sense to them.” Turns out it’s a daunting task to start a government from square one. The Republic of Kosovo resulted from decades of tension with...

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