Anyone who is familiar with Portland knows that it is a foodies’ paradise. Any cuisine is available at one of the hundreds of restaurants. With all those restaurants and cafes the city’s food marketplace finds space for the food carts that are so popular in downtown Portland.

If Keizer had food carts, the lunch time and dinner time crowds here would have another culinary choice. The lunch spots that Keizer frequents now would not be adversely affected by having a food cart that offers menu items not available now. For example, there is no outlet in town that offers pizza by the slice, one of the more popular lunch items to be found in larger cities.

There are no city ordinances that specially forbid food carts. Of course a food cart operator would have to adhere to county and state food standards. These days a food cart can be constructed to meet any standard regarding food storage, food handling and cooking.

Today American’s have developed a more sophisticated palate. There is room in our city for burgers, tacos, sushi and teriyaki. Any business that sells food should welcome competition—it’s the American way.

At first food carts would be a novelty, but after a while they would become part of the fabric of Keizer dining.

We think that food carts would be a colorful, and tasteful, addition to our city’s core. In the mood for a cheeseburger? We’ve got that at established restaurants. Want a brautwurst with sauerkraut?  We could have that if we had food carts.

Keizer could be innovative in the use and placement of food carts. Let’s not be afraid to have a choice.