After 22 years Roth’s Fresh Markets will close their Keizer store on June 26. Roth’s other stores in the region will remain open.

The Keizer community will invariably change after Roth’s ceases operations here in town. Founder Orville Roth and his entire company has been a leader in community involvement—sponsoring events and sports teams; donating food to schools.

We have yet to see if Roth’s Fresh Markets will retain a semblence of its  high profile good community works. There will be many in Keizer who will lament Roth’s closure. But they must understand that Roth’s is not a philanthropic charity, it is a business. Its primary mission is to make a profit and the Keizer store was not making a profit. As company CEO Mike Roth wrote, the other stores subsidized the Keizer location for years. That was not sustainable.

Roth’s Fresh Markets supported Keizer and many of its events, clubs and organizations for years. Unfortunately not enough Keizer shoppers returned the favor. Fortunately there are other Roth’s stores to patronize. This is a cautionary tale about community involvement and business—every business needs to make a profit first, otherwise it can’t help anyone.