Day: May 11, 2012

Level of service

To the Editor: How often do we think about the level of service? What is the level of service we expect and how do we measure it? Here are some of the things that irritate me because of a lack of service. I hate to call a public or private entity and then go through a litany of options and then having to wait to speak to a living person. I don’t like to hear “the next agent will be with you in less than 10 minutes.” This does not make me feel better when I hear “Your call is important,” when in reality your time is unimportant! Or how about when they say “we appreciate your business” when they really mean we appreciate your money! I strongly dislike waiting in long lines at a cash register and not having knowledgeable people available to provide services or answers. How often do we have long waits at the doctors’ office after having an appointment? What does an appointment mean? What kind of service do we receive from local government? Do we have code enforcement within the city without someone first complaining? Keizer is lucky to have rapid response for emergency services but without adequate funding this service will diminish. Reading the newspapers we find government having to close public offices because of furlough days and closing of fire stations, libraries...

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Thanks to community and businesses

To the Editor: The McNary Graduation Party Committee sincerely thanks the very generous people of Keizer who helped us raise money this past Saturday by purchasing Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. We appreciate the following businesses for letting us sell from their locations: Dutch Bros., Bank of the Cascades, Sherwin Williams, Town & Country Lanes and Java Crew. Raising funds to hold a drug and alcohol free graduation party is important and necessary for our community and we are so grateful for the many parents and students who gave their time and effort to help with this fund raiser. Thank you Cary Schneider, Susan Marks, Gail Young, Wally Wing, and Celt seniors: Edgar, Desiree, Kate, Averi, Deven, Tiffany, Dalton, Justin and Braulio. Margot Wing...

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What I know that you don’t

Class Dismissed by Susanne Stefani  I’m often asked to write recommendation letters for students applying to college or for scholarships.  Some of the colleges request three words to describe the student.  While I often oblige with what I can assume are typical responses—bright, motivated, disciplined, compassionate—I recently chose a new descriptor: brave. Knowing that his family would disown him, this student renounced a religion that had fit him poorly for years.  He also shattered any remaining hopes of theirs by coming out as gay, a conversation that had been eighteen years in the making.  He tore his life apart in order to reach for one he hoped would make him happier.  When he graduates next month, he’ll walk across the stage with a smaller cheering section but a louder, prouder sense of self. In the weeks after writing his letter, I’ve been thinking about the acts of bravery our students demonstrate daily.  I sometimes feel sorry for people who aren’t high school teachers.  (I sometimes feel sorry for myself, too, but that’s for another column.)  Since having my baby, I’ve heard several of the typical remarks warning me about his eventual adolescence.  I offer a perfunctory laugh, but what I know that they usually don’t is how students like the one above fill our hallways at McNary High School.  How nearly every one of my students has admirable qualities...

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John Edwards: jerk or criminal?

By SUSAN ESTRICH If this were a reality show and the question for the participants to decide was whether John Edwards was the most narcissistic man on the planet, the biggest liar, the worst husband and father, a self-absorbed egomaniac who betrayed the trust of his family, his staff and his supporters and was willing to risk his party’s chance at the presidency in service of his own outsized ambition, then no question. Throw the mud pies. Put the crown of thorns on his head. But a felon for violating campaign finance laws? Is there really so little federal crime in North Carolina that this is the best prosecutors can do with their time? Edwards is the former presidential and vice-presidential candidate who, while his wife was in remission from cancer, took up with a “videographer” who apparently had trouble keeping the camera focused but was hired anyway and traveled with him on the private plane and then got pregnant after he had promised his wife that the affair was over. So with his wife dying of a recurrence of cancer, Edwards decided that the best course was to stay in the race, lie to his wife, have his aide claim paternity, and let two of his richest and most loyal supporters come up with the cash to hide the videographer and her baby, along with the putative father...

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