Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13. That gives children of ever age a little more than a week to decide how they will honor their moms this year.

Florists, candy makers and restaurants will do blockbuster business for the special day. Retailers will promote the gifts that mother would love to receive on her day.

There are other gifts that any mother would love to receive such as time with their children (especially if they are grown up and moved out), a custom, hand-made gift from the heart. It doesn’t matter if people don’t think they are creative, t mom won’t care, as long as it was made with love.

A poem expounding on the virtues of one’s mother will stay in her heart long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates eaten.  A poem doesn’t have to rhyme, it just needs to express thoughts in iambic pentameter; and, it doesn’t have to be long. A poem can greatly expand on “I love you, mom.”

Another gift that will be hung in her home forever is a  framed collage of pictures of oneself in various stages of life. A photograph that illustrates a mother’s character can be taken and framed.

The artist can paint or draw something complex or something simple, such as a picture of mom’s favorite flower.  Or a drawing/painting of mom’s favorite things such as a pet.

Remember it was your mom who kept all the grade school art their children made, many of which ended up attached to the refrigerator.

Celebrate mom with a bit of yourself this year.