Day: April 27, 2012

Cut teachers hired as coaches

To the Editor: A recent newspaper headline read: Cuts continues for schools; the purpose was saving money.  This caught my attention! They turn around and hire teachers which are called coaches (same difference). These coaches have the important job of training and teaching the classroom teacher, of course it is extra work and extra meetings for the regular teacher, when they already have a  full schedule.  There is a plus for the coaches, they do not spend hours after school to prepare lessons for each day. The duties of a coach is really the responsibilities of the principal, so there seems to be a double standard.  As for cutting cost, are you sure the coaches are needed?  Employing coaches, is no doubt, an experiment, a first time, but surely not cutting cost. I understand, there are three or four coaches in some schools and other schools have less.  Give the job back to the principal, that is cutting the cost in one area.  It would also give the teachers more time to teach their class. Etheldra Tjernagel...

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Search is on for Keizer’s greatest trees

By WILBUR BLUHM The Keizer Points of Interest Committee, chaired by Terri Hoag, is searching for the most significant trees.  Hoag says, “Keizer has some great trees, and they are worthy ‘points of interest’ within the city.” A year ago the Committee asked me to help the search.  Last summer each block of nearly all streets south of Lockhaven Drive were walked to find the trees.  The result was finding some outstanding trees within Keizer. Plans are to extend the search to the remainder of Keizer this summer.  This will include southeast Keizer and the rest of the city north of Lockhaven Drive. A few residents were rightfully concerned last summer when thinking I was taking photographs of homes in their neighborhoods.  This was not the case.  No camera was even carried. What they saw was the rangefinder used to determine tree height.  The rangefinder measures an exact distance from the tree so another instrument, a clinometer, can accurately measure the tree’s height. You can allay another possible fear.  No one’s back yard, or private area, will be entered without permission. Nearly 100 different kinds of trees were found in Keizer last summer.  A number of them were truly outstanding for size or rarity. Tallest tree measured was a black cottonwood along the Willamette River near Rivercrest Street.  It was 155 feet tall, in good condition, still growing, and...

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A president’s best friend

By NICK THOMAS Most presidents welcome the company of a dog in the White House. The reason is simple: every Commander-in-Chief needs at least one faithful friend in Washington. For our current president, that loyal pal is Bo, a black and white Portuguese water dog the Obamas added to the family in 2009. Trained on the Wall Street Journal, Bo has become a regular companion to the president, hanging around the Oval Office, running through the West Wing sniffing out hostile senators, and flying high on Air Force One. But after November, will Bo still reign as Top Dog or will he be deposed by some fresh Republican pup? When campaigning began last year for the 2012 election, some of the GOP candidates’ dogs must have been wagging their tails at the prospect of Bo becoming a one-term presidential pet. But one by one, the Republican contenders fell off the political radar, leaving Mitt Romney to tackle the Obama White House. However, with no dog currently in the Romney household, it’s uncertain if there will be a Massachusetts mutt to run Bo out of town in November. The former governor may have a tough time convincing any canine to join team Romney after an old tale of possible animal abuse recently resurfaced. It seems during a family vacation back in the ‘80s, the Romneys stuffed the family dog, Seamus,...

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