Day: April 24, 2012

Food Share swings for the fences with Northwest patty

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Friday, April 13, was day 109 in the life of Marion-Polk Food Share’s Northwest patty. This is the longest Chef Steve Morton has ever worked on a recipe, but he only keeps count because payoff is potentially huge. “The patty is kind of a Trojan Horse, it lets you in the door to have all sorts of conversations about what people eat,” Morton said. That’s a large claim to make, but Morton has had 108 days to think about the potential impacts of this one recipe. If all the dominoes line up right, the last one could fall on, and play a part in quashing, hunger in Marion and Polk counties. The story of the Northwest patty, and Morton’s involvement with it is one worth savoring. Last year, Morton closed the doors at his West Salem restaurant and was 11 hours away from signing a contract with a catering company when he learned Food Share officials were interested in talking with him to take over duties as head of its community kitchen. At the interview, MPFS President Ron Hays picked up a handful of calypso beans and asked what could be done with them. Morton rattled off a list of ideas, but Hays wanted him to think bigger. “I think he had the idea for the patty even then,” Morton said. Morton...

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State champ to world champ

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes McNary High School’s Devin Reynolds captured a state title earlier this year and last weekend he added a world title to his resume. Reynolds bested some of the country’s most elite competitors at the Cliff Keen Reno World Championships April 14-15. Reynolds pinned his first two opponents in the 125-pound weight bracket and dominated his third opponent in a 15-0 major decision. “My toughest match was against Thomas Gonzales in the semifinals. He is ranked No. 1 in the nation for freestyle wrestling and No. 22 in the nation for collegiate wrestling,” Reynolds said. Reynolds won the match in a 9-4 decision and then won his finals match 10-2 to bring home a huge chunk of metal and even more impressive bragging rights. “It was really tough, but I feel like I wrestled really well. I felt like I had a comfortability with the competition that I didn’t have at Flonationals a couple of weeks ago,” Reynolds said. As he stood atop the podium he had flashbacks to a third place finish at the same tournament last year. “It was pretty amazing, but it also felt like I belonged there,” Reynolds said. While adding another title to his list of accomplishments is a feather in his cap, the tournament also provides athletes with the opportunity to get looks from college teams. Despite...

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Gov. signs CHL bill

Gov. John Kitzhaber signed a bill restricting public access to concealed handgun license records – a move applauded by Rep. Kim Thatcher, who’s been backing the legislation for years. Thatcher, a Republican, said she and the Democratic governor don’t agree on too much, but she was grateful for this meeting of the minds. Thatcher has been trying to get similar legislation passed for the past several sessions. Two bills have passed the House previously, only to hit roadblocks in the state Senate. This year’s version, House Bill 4045, adds exemptions to the law: For example, information could be released under a court order, if the license holder allows for it, or a public body determines a “compelling need” to disclose. Several criminal justice exemptions also are in the proposed law; for example, a crime victim could find out if the perpetrator had a license, and news organizations could learn if a person convicted of certain crimes had a concealed carry...

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