By Eric A. Howald
Of the Keizertimes 

The three occupants of a car that crashed into a home north of Keizer Saturday, April 14, had consumed enough alcohol to intoxicate almost nine people, officials from Marion Country Sheriff’s Office said.

The three vehicle occupants Jesse Fordyce, 24, of Keizer,  Allison Hyer, 21, of Silverton, and  James Horvath, 19, were all injured in the crash.

Hunter and Deputy Brian Dunkin arrived in the 6500 block of 22nd Avenue, northwest of Keizer at about 1:15 a.m., to find a 1999 Honda crashed into the front of the house.

Photo submitted by Marion County Sheriff's Office

The homeowner reported hearing a car approaching on Niagra, near 22nd Avenue.  The car failed to negotiate the curve in the road, crashed through a fence, traveled 200 feet across a large field, sideswiped a tree, then hit the corner of the residence before impacting the front porch and coming to rest.

The homeowner ran to assist, but was unable to get the occupants out of the car, Sheriff’s office officials said. Damage to both the vehicle and house was significant.

Marion County Fire District and Keizer Fire District medics responded to assist in extricating three occupants of the vehicle.  All three were transported to the Salem Hospital where they were treated for their injuries. The front seat airbags deployed, but none of the occupants were wearing seatbelts.

Fordyce, the driver, is still at the hospital and deputies have been unable to obtain his statement.

The owner of the car, Hyer’s brother who was not in the car at the time of the crash, told deputies that the occupants were attending a family party at a home on 22nd Avenue. He told deputies he didn’t know why his sister left in the car, but assumed it was to make a “beer run.”

The investigation will be completed when deputies are able to take a statement from Fordyce. At that time, Fordyce will likely face criminal charges for his driving actions.