Day: April 5, 2012

They made a library

It started as a children’s reading library in the old city hall.  The Reading Connection moved into the Keizer Heritage Center when it opened in the late 1990s.  Now the Keizer Community Library is enjoying its life in its expanded space at the Center. Director Art Burr along with the members of the Library’s board and many volunteers have beat the drum for years about needing more space so they provide more services. They got their wish and the expanded library is a wonderful asset for Keizer. A report from the Keizer Heritage Center Task Force called for an enlarged library and more space for the Keizer Heritage Museum. The Keizer Chamber of Commerce moved to its new Keizer Station location earlier this year. The Museum moved into that space, allowing the Library to fulfill its dream. By doubling its space the Library is now able to offer more services and products. For years patrons could barely turn around in the library; every inch of the space was crammed with books. Now, those using the library find the space airy and well organized. Additional bookshelves, chairs and desks make a visit more pleasurable and easily navigable. Many books that had to be stored away or sold at annual book sales are now seeing the light of day at the library. Along with books, including large print versions, the library...

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To the Editor: Freedom for many is an empty word. It is meaningless, since they lack understanding of its definition. However, it is not for others. They understand its definition: the quality or state of being free as the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in a choice for action. Unfortunately this gem is maliciously under attack. Evil forces obsess with world domination implementing socialism and others synonymous, are masterfully elaborating its final destructive consummation in a well calculated manner. Freedom covers a vast territory, from freedom of expression, to refusal to be subjugated. Free people cannot keep silence and stay inactive otherwise; a signal of tolerance and acceptance is broadcasted. Let’s not confuse freedom and its synonymous liberty, with “licentiousness” which is the lack of proper legal and morals constraints. We are losing the right of freedom. Freedom is not a reward gave to us by any person or group of people. Freedom is a God-given right for all of us to enjoy. Freedom is an undisputed right. No person has the authority neither to suppress nor to trample with it. It is not a negotiated commodity. Our responsibility to defend freedom would only cease at death. Any attempt by a government to manipulate, modify trample or suppress freedom is an indication of a dictatorial regime. As Alexander Hamilton said, “Of those men who have overturned the liberties...

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Community communications

By CATHY CLARK Lyndon Zaitz’s editorial last week (Keizertimes, March 30) talked about expanding how we can connect with our local government. I appreciate the chance to share some of the things we have been doing as a city council and neighbors, effectively using technology and person to person conversation to build those connections. We have come a long way in using technology to talk with each other in the last six years. As a long time advocate of public access TV, I am so excited that we have made it easier than ever to stay up-to-date. Our meetings are not only broadcast on Channel 23, but now are streamed on-line through In our “on-demand” culture, we can all keep tabs on our city government and community, 24/7. In addition, you can talk to our city through our website and Facebook pages. Once posted, anyone can download and read our budget and the entire council packet on line at any time and it doesn’t cost you anything to get it!  And for e-mail alerts for any committee, all you have to do is ask for them and you will be added to lists. Questions or comments? E-mail and phone numbers for city councilors on the website keep us available to our community. Even with all the “e-connection,” though, there’s nothing like face to face conversation. I really enjoy...

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Supreme Court politics

By SUSAN ESTRICH As was clear in last week’s arguments on the constitutionality of the health care reform law, today’s Supreme Court is as political as any institution in Washington. It was not always so. I don’t mean that this court is more divided or more result-oriented than any in recent years. I just mean it’s more political, as in Republican and Democrat political — which, ironically, could actually help Obamacare survive constitutional scrutiny. There was a long tradition in this country, and a pretty hallowed one, wherein once you appointed someone to the Supreme Court, with life tenure and all that marble, you just never knew. Did President Eisenhower know, when he struck that fateful deal with California Gov. Earl Warren to name him to the next open seat, that it would be the chief’s seat and that the man who filled it would go on to be celebrated (or decried) as the liberal lion of the century? Did anyone know that Hugo Black, former Klansman, would become an absolutist when it came to the Bill of Rights, or that Eisenhower appointee William Brennan would be way to the left of JFK appointee Byron White. None of these zigzags are “bad things.” Quite the contrary. While every first-year law student learns that law, particularly when it comes to constitutional law as defined by the Supreme Court, involves far...

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Egg hunts, activities abound this weekend

Easter egg hunts along with a smattering of classes and a bunch of live music events are on tap this weekend in the run-up to Easter Sunday. While many of this year’s hunts are free, it’s a good idea to remember a basket no matter where you are and dress for the weather, including rain boots. Here’s a roundup of hunts and other related events in Keizer and elsewhere: In Keizer: • Albertsons, 8 a.m Saturday, April 7. Free. 5450 River Road N. Easter Bunny will appear, and free doughnut holes and coloring contest. • Dayspring Fellowship hosts its 14th Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 7. 9 a.m. for 1st-5th grades, 10 a.m. for nursery to kindergarten. Candy and prizes are free. The church is located at 1755 Lockhaven Drive NE. • Keizer Christian Church Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 7. 10 a.m., 6945 Wheatland Road NE. Free. Up to age 12 welcome. • Silver Creek Fellowship Easter Egg Hunt at Keizer campus, Saturday, April 7, 2 p.m. 4 p.m., children sixth grade and younger welcome. Refreshments. 7685 River Road NE. • Keizer Clear Lake United Methodist, Sunday, April 8. 10:40 a.m. (approximate), 7920 Wheatland Road N. Hunt will be on the lawn between Forest Ridge Elementary School and the church. Babies through fifth graders welcome. •The Meadows Neighborhood is hosting an egg hunt at 11 a.m....

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