Of the Keizertimes

Monday’s Keizer City Council meeting consisted mostly of moving money around for unexpected expenses.

Here’s what they did:

• Appropriated $76,100 to cover costs stemming from injuries to two public works employees who got hurt when a hose burst on the city’s stormdrain cleaning truck in October 2011.

While the two employees are expected to recover in three to four months, the city is responsible for costs that included surgery, time loss and physical therapy.

Susan Gahlsdorf, the city’s finance director, said the number got that high because the city pays a lower workers compensation premium in exchange for higher risk.

“In doing that we agree to pay, if we have a claim such as this, a maximum amount,” Gahlsdorf said.

Funds were reallocated from the stormwater fund’s contingency and working capital carryforward line items.

The council also voted to move $15,000 from those funds to pay for an environmental technician position in the stormwater department.

• Allocated $21,300 in expected rental income from a house adjacent to Keizer rapids Park and its filbert orchard to pay for a new lawnmower for the parks department, estimated at $17,500. It replaces a 2003 unit.

• Moved $5,000 from personnel services and $3,000 in capital outlay to facility maintenance for civic center costs including repairing the heating and cooling system, lighting and doors.