Day: March 23, 2012

Underappreciated heroes

To the Editor: One thing that I discovered in the now past annexation election was the quality of our volunteer firefighters.  To me it doesn’t matter if they volunteer with KFD or MCFD#1, these volunteers give up time with...

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Ben Franklin’s creation at risk

By DON VOWELL Thirty-one years ago I stepped into a freshly opened clerk position with the Post Office in the Aleutian Islands.  Newly married, I was happy to get a job that seemed as secure as a job can be.  Now the Postal...

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King Dollar will cut oil prices

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW No matter how much President Obama protests, the simple fact is that he continues to oppose and mock and disparage oil and gas drilling. He is a prisoner of the environmental left, and he remains on the wrong...

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