Day: March 23, 2012

An egregious move

Both sides of the defeated Clear Lake fire district annexation campaign repeated said the issue was the level of service to those 1,000 homes. That was part of it. It was also about the $500,000 in tax revenues. Every...

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We all have our fears and theories

To the Editor: To the Manny Martinezes of the world – Bless your hearts, we feel your pain. How could your knickers not be in a state of constant twist (bondage?) when you are bombarded by the GOP propaganda machine thru all...

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Deception or ignorance?

To the Editor: Is it my imagination or did April Fool’s day came early this year? The Board of Directors of Marion County Fire District #1, on Wednesday March 14, voted to ask their voters to approve a 29 cent operating levy....

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