Day: March 16, 2012

What’s next?

Now that the two measures on Tuesday’s special election ballot regarding Keizer Fire’s annexation of Clear Lake have been decisively defeated, it is time to move on. But, what’s next? First, all three public bodies involved in...

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Santorum, the exorcist candidate

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS Rick Santorum has become the alternative to Mitt Romney because the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania comes across as, to use his words, “the conviction conservative” in the GOP presidential primary....

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Taxpayers being taken for a ride

To the Editor: I read with some frustration the recent Keizertimes’ article, “Transit center will be green all over” (Feb. 24). Scheduled to open in 2013, the opening paragraph states this about the transit center, “hopefully,...

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Heritage Center thanks youths

To the Editor: The Keizer Heritage Foundation wants to give a big “thank you” to a bunch of great Young Life volunteers that helped clean-up the landscape debris from our annual spring trimming around the Keizer Heritage Center...

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Don’t repeat election of 2008

To the Editor: The experience of the 2008 election must be prevented in 2012. That ill-fated election was the beginning of a “change.”  Yes, a change of our foundation, principles, morals, values and traditions. This country was...

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