Day: March 16, 2012

What’s next?

Now that the two measures on Tuesday’s special election ballot regarding Keizer Fire’s annexation of Clear Lake have been decisively defeated, it is time to move on. But, what’s next? First, all three public bodies involved in this issue need to let it be, mend fences and repair the damage wrought by the campaign. The city of Keizer needs to repair fences with the Marion County Fire District including its management and fire fighters. Mayor Lore Christopher is on record saying she did not trust the management of Marion County Fire.  We understand her statements were political, she was watching out for her city. Keizer has no bigger cheerleader than its mayor, but to publicly disparage another public body and call into question their validity and credibility does neither her nor the city of Keizer any favors. In these times where every Oregon governmental jurisdiction is struggling with decreasing revenues and increasing expenses, they all need to work together. We don’t want to shut the city borders to outside fire districts; city residents need to depend on the mutual aid of surrounding emergency services. The Keizer Fire District will  need to turn inward and devise a plan to grapple with its own financial situation. Keizer Fire needed the tax revenues of the Clear Lake area to maintain and expand its services. That path now is blocked, and the district’s...

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Santorum, the exorcist candidate

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS Rick Santorum has become the alternative to Mitt Romney because the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania comes across as, to use his words, “the conviction conservative” in the GOP presidential primary. While Romney burned through millions in big-donor contributions, Santorum ran a bare-bones campaign. In December, The New York Times ran a graphic on the candidates’ entourages. Team Romney traveled with a 30-seat plane, a campaign bus, security, advance staffers and an average of four other aides. Santorum’s fleet and crew consisted of a Dodge Ram pickup and the occasional staffer. Santorum’s the underdog—the grandson of an Italian immigrant coal digger—who believes his humble roots can gain him traction in Middle America. Santorum has written that he stands up to “the ‘Bigs’: big news media, big entertainment, big universities and public schools, big businesses and some big national labor unions, and of course, the biggest Big of all, the federal government.” Problem: He has no business being the GOP presidential nominee. The 2012 general election ought to be about the role and finances of the federal government, but Santorum is mired in a traditional values war. In a 2008 speech at Florida’s Ave Maria University, Santorum described the war as not a political or a cultural war, but “a spiritual war. And the father of lies has his sights on what you would think the...

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Taxpayers being taken for a ride

To the Editor: I read with some frustration the recent Keizertimes’ article, “Transit center will be green all over” (Feb. 24). Scheduled to open in 2013, the opening paragraph states this about the transit center, “hopefully, the energy bill will be easy on the wallet.” That sounds frugal, but the kicker comes in the next paragraph which states, “About $9.6 million in various funds, almost all state and federal grants, are paying for the project.” That’s like saying my electric bill is going to be 30 percent lower now that I’ve installed an $11,000 solar system on my roof. And who’s paying for this costly undertaking? Oh, not to worry, it’s being funded by “state and federal grants.” Apparently they will be using more of that money that grows on the trees in Salem and in Washington, DC. But of course there are no free lunches. Instead, hard-working Oregonians and Americans, knowingly or unknowingly, are footing the bill. But maybe Joe Citizen living in Des Moines, Iowa might not appreciate his federal tax dollars being spent on a Keizer,  Oregon project. Or closer to home, just perhaps Judy Civic from Pendleton or Ashland, who’s paying both Oregon state and federal taxes, might not approve the wisdom of this project either. Doesn’t it amaze you how “generous” federal and state legislators can be when spending someone else’s money? One can...

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Heritage Center thanks youths

To the Editor: The Keizer Heritage Foundation wants to give a big “thank you” to a bunch of great Young Life volunteers that helped clean-up the landscape debris from our annual spring trimming around the Keizer Heritage Center (the “Old School” next to City Hall). These 13 students and two leaders came down at 9 am on Saturday, March 10 and worked until it was all cleaned up, a little after noon. They were: Anthony Earnest, Hannah Bachillier, Brandon Wyatt, Michael Fox, Aaron Van Cleave, Dani Saunders, Emily McNicols, Zack Zendejas, Brandon Satter, Beeb Gerlicher, Kiersten Capple, Jesse Bryant, Tristan Mistaukal and leaders Beau St. Peter and Jeramy Williams. Besides getting the work done in a professional manner, it was great to see them working in 2-3 person teams to accomplish their goals, with enthusiasm!  We also want to thank Brian Hanssen of Hanssen Landscape, who did all of the professional trimming again as he has done in past years. Al Rasmus, Building Manager Keizer Heritage...

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Don’t repeat election of 2008

To the Editor: The experience of the 2008 election must be prevented in 2012. That ill-fated election was the beginning of a “change.”  Yes, a change of our foundation, principles, morals, values and traditions. This country was built by our Founding Fathers, based on a rock solid foundation. We have operated in that way since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. This nation has been the paradise of the free and the land of opportunity to many, but without forgetting the home of the brave. I wonder if our foundation and values has been forgotten and just remember by a few. There is an inclination by many to believe that all good things are taken for granted, but unfortunately are in error. I believe we have been misguided and forced to walk away from our Founding Fathers’ ideals. We have allowed the crippling our foundation, goals, dreams and successes. We let the power hungry and wannabe leaders to smear this pristine country with fallacies and harmful rhetoric’s. They want to strip us from our values and morals. They want the abolition of our heritage and convert us into defenseless marionettes living and depending from government handouts. It is imperative to unveil the lies. It is time to reject the assault to our rock solid foundation. It is time to regain control of our country and stop the insatiable appetite...

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