Day: March 9, 2012

Vote no on annexation

I live in northeast Salem and I have friends that live in Brooks.  We all frequently shop at many Keizer stores.  The messages on this fire campaign have us greatly disturbed.  When you vote for this measure you’ll be hurting those that live in Marion County Fire District #1.  Let Keizer serve Keizer means you don’t care about us, shoppers that help keep your businesses alive.  We feel we’re not welcome to shop in Keizer anymore.  And it obviously means you don’t care what happens to even your own family members and friends that may live on Wheatland or Quinaby Roads or anywhere outside of Keizer.  I can’t vote on this but if I could I’d vote no. Amber Farrell Salem   “Fire District dispute a confusing mess!”  The legislature didn’t make it any clearer when they recently met.  For now I’m voting no and hope everyone else does until the legislature fixes it where the affected residents are the ones who have the deciding voice in whether they want to change or not.  Because I believe Clear Lake residents deserve to have the deciding vote I’m voting no. Jason Wood Keizer   I woke up this morning to read headline news on the Clear Lake Annexation and a quote that Keizer Fire lied to Vineyards Phase 2 Home Owners Association, “… we felt we were lied to by...

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Tennis, the Keizer way

To the Editor: I would like to congratulate Mayor Lore Christopher and the Keizer City Council for unanimously passing a resolution to build tennis courts at Claggett Creek Park. This facility will feature four regulation tennis courts and the first four dedicated kids courts in the Pacific Northwest. The United States Tennis Association approves the design of the facility and will likely fund up to twenty percent of the cost to build this cutting edge facility. This project exemplifies the Keizer Way. The city will end up investing $50,000 in already pledged park funds that can only be used for park improvements. This sum represents 15 percent of the total cost. The Keizer Tennis Association will have to come up with the rest of funding, estimated at $302,000. The KTA will also maintain the facility at minimal cost to the city. This proposal is very thorough and has city staff support and now city council  support.  The tennis courts will take up  0.8 acres of a 10.8 acre park while preserving soccer and all the current amenities except for possibly one baseball backstop. The backstop could be located to a different area of the park. It’s important to have a central location that is visible and accessible to the community. Tennis is a perfect fit for Claggett Creek Park. I would also like to thank the KTA board of...

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Thank you to Dessert sponsors

To the Editor: The Keizer Rotary Club sponsored its annual International Dessert on Thursday, March 1, for 14 Rotary exchange students from around the world. The Dessert was made possible through the sponsorship of local businesses and organizations. They were: AccurAccounts, Inc., Amy McLeod, RE/MAX Equity Group, Big Town Hero, Clint Holland. Greg and Debbie Ego, Rasmussen Spray Service, Heltzel & Williams Law Firm, Highway Fuel Co., Huggins Insurance, Keizer Collision Center. Keizer Fire District, Keizer Veterinary Clinic, Keizer Vision Source, Keizertimes, Koho & Beatty, Attorneys at Law, Loren’s Sanitation. Mark Baker, McNary Estates Newsletter, R. Bauer Insurance, Ramsey Dental Clinic, Rick Day, Advantage Precast, Roger Jenson, Aggregate Machinery. Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, Ted Anagnos, Merrill Lynch, Wheat, LLC, and Willamette Valley Bank We thank them for their generosity. Laura Perez Keizer Rotary...

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Unbelievable, irresponsible and disrespectful

The March 2, 2012 issue of the Keizertimes had an article on the front page “Group Withdraws Support for Keizer Fire.”  This article indicated the Vineyards Phase Two Home Owners Association was withdrawing their support for the Keizer Fire District Annexation of the Clear Lake area.  This after they initiated the whole process several months back with a letter to the Keizer Fire District requesting annexation. This right in the middle of the election for voters to decide the issue.  What an insult to the citizens of Keizer. Now that the Keizer community, Keizer city council, Oregon Legislature, local newspapers, attorneys, courts, both fire districts and the voters have had a long and expensive debate about the issue-—they, the board of directors for Vineyards Phase II Homeowners Association, claim they didn’t have a good understanding of the issue?  Do they have a good understand of the more than $200,000 in costs to both fire districts in legal expenses? Do they have a good understanding of the $30,000 they cost the city of Keizer for the election?  Do they have a good understanding of the conflict created between two professional fire districts all because of their actions? I don’t understand how they could possibly be so uninformed at this late hour with the election in process? How incompetent can they be after all the months of debate and controversy?  Who are these...

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