Day: March 2, 2012

Tennis courts at Claggett Creek

To the Editor: Here are the reasons I support the Keizer Tennis Association building courts at Claggett Creek Park: • It is 10.8 acres • It has 60 parking spaces and a rest room. • There are no other courts on the east side of...

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Yes to Clear Lake annexation

To the Editor: My Marion County tax statement shows I pay more to Marion County Fire District #1 than the entire city of Keizer.  Why? Because this is a fire district that, for the past three years, has needed a yearly budget of...

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No to Clear Lake Annexation

To the Editor: The Vineyards Phase 2 Homeowner Association endorsed a letter last year based on incomplete information regarding the Keizer Fire District Clear Lake Annexation. After a better understanding of the issue we are...

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