From left: Champ Robby Clarke, Jeremy Root, tournament director, and Keizerite Noah Fischer, the second place finisher, at the Hoffman Challenger tennis event. (Submitted photo)

Keizer native Noah Fischer, 7, travelled to southern Oregon last weekend to compete in a growing movement in tennis. He came home a second-place finisher.

The Hoffman Challenger Event utilized the 10-and-Under format, which changes the game slightly to make it easier and more fun for kids to get into tennis.

Noah competed in the Boys-10 & Under division and battled out a tough, first round win again Steven Wisnovsky of Jacksonville, Ore. After a brief rest, Noah came back to challenge 10-year old, Robby Clarke of Roseburg. Three years of age difference made a big difference as Robby’s overpowering serve was too much for young Noah to handle.

Noah took Robby to deuce point on many occasions, but could not bring home the crown. Noah took second place finish and claimed his first ever tennis trophy.