Day: February 17, 2012

Facts point to a yes vote on measures

To the Editor: I will be voting yes and yes on measures 24-325 and 24-326, the measures related to the fire districts’ dispute. I listened to hours of testimony, read all the “fact” sheets from both sides and I have talked with the leaders of both organizations. I have concluded that the citizens of the Clear Lake community will not be at risk regardless of which side wins this election. The professional and volunteer firefighters will see to it that life and property is protected even at the risk of their own lives. I conclude that each taxpayer in the Clear Lake community will receive a reduction in their property taxes. I conclude that all Keizer residents will benefit by having all the taxes that are raised in Keizer spent in Keizer rather than some spent in the county. The immediate benefit will be increased ambulance coverage. I conclude that the wasteful expenditures of tax money on legal fees will end only if the Marion County Fire District wants it to end. Nine out of the ten legal challenges brought by Marion County Fire District have failed with one pending. The legal challenges are necessary from Marion County Fire District’s point of view. They know that it is only a matter of time and they will lose Jan Ree, Four Corners, and probably Turner. It is only the Clear...

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KFD best to serve Clear Lake area

To the Editor: I have lived in Keizer for pretty much my entire life. I was also a volunteer with Keizer Fire District for 30 years. The Clear Lake area was farm land for a number of the years I have lived in Keizer. I remember having to shuttle water for the fires in that area because there were no fire hydrants. Progress has resulted in water availability and the many houses and schools located in Clear Lake now. The old farm fields are gone and the need for urban fire and medical service has changed over the years. The city of Keizer incorporated and our city has grown by leaps and bounds. Change is difficult. But with all the growth in the Clear Lake area, I have seen over my 62-plus years it is time for the fire and medical service for all of Keizer to be served by one organization. And that’s the Keizer Fire District. I truly believe this is best not only for the Clear Lake residents but also for all of Keizer. Please join me in voting yes for the annexation of the Clear Lake neighborhood into the Keizer Fire District. Those voters who live in both the Keizer Fire District and the city of Keizer will need to vote yes on the ballot twice. Thanks for your support. Dave Bauer...

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Chamber award is humbling

To the Editor: The beautiful music coming from my new clock brings a smile to my face at the top of every hour.  I am still reeling from the disbelief in being chosen Keizer Chamber’s Merchant of the  Year. I wanted to publicly thank the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, Director and the Chamber members for the honor.   I am quite lucky that while on the Chamber board I am able to pursue ideas and watch them grow.  I am greatly blessed to be working with a dynamic group of women who have helped Keizer Network of Women grow to what it is today.  We are joined by the community in making our Gift Basket Program the joy of the season and we are thrilled to see so many women in Keizer, help raise money with “Percey Presents: Ladies’ Night”!  And, I am grateful to new members, and staff that support our on-going educational coffees. You see, it isn’t me, it’s Keizer! What a great place to live!  Thank you! Audrey Butler...

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