Day: February 10, 2012

Annexation of Clear Lake

To the Editor: I’m a Clear Lake resident who completely supports the annexation into Keizer Fire District.  My 25 years as a Clear Lake resident and 35 years as a firefighter give me some perspective on this proposed annexation. Clear Lake residents currently pay property taxes in excess of $550,000 to Marion County Fire District #1 for fire protection.  These funds pay operating costs not only for the Clear Lake station but also support Four Corners, Middle Grove, Pratum, Macleay, Brooks, Labish Center, and the Chemeketa College fire stations.  Keizer Fire District will collect less than $350,000 each year from our area, every cent being spent on fire protection for the citizens of Keizer. I believe some information being presented to voters on this issue could be misleading.  For example, a recent letter to the editor stated if the annexation is approved Clear Lake’s fire response would come from the Brooks fire station. The bottom line: Clear Lake station will remain open with a fire engine and a 24/7 ambulance providing the service to the area.  Additionally, Clear Lake residents will see a reduction in their tax bills and all funds will stay in Keizer, building a stronger organization to serve all Keizer residents. Ken Dawson...

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The sandwich generation

To the Editor: Well here I am feeling like I am between two pieces of bread. I have joined the Sandwich Generation but not by choice. For those of you that don’t know what the Sandwich Generation is let me fill you in. It is very basic, we look after our parents and the generation after us, which in these days often is our grandchildren, full time. For me it is not that hard looking after my dad as he is in assisted living, so it is bills, doctor appointments,  laundry, etc. Since October I have taken on looking after the generation after me, a cancer patient. I do all the appointments, personal needs and manage the health care bills. This is nothing new for me as I did it over 20 years ago, but I am no longer in my fifties. Now it does take a lot out me in many way. Back then I had to learn as I went, dealing with a person I knew was going to die. Even though I knew death was coming I still was not ready for it. As the care giver I had to take the lead and hold my emotions for the benefit of his sister and mother who were with me when he died at home. Today they can do so much more for cancer patients. One thing...

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Fewer firefighters will not mean better service

To the Editor: How does removing fire engines, ambulances and firefighters from Keizer equal better emergency services? Keizer citizens have the best possible coverage by having two fire districts within the city limits to protect all neighborhoods.  If ballot measures 24-325 and 24-326 both pass, the city of Keizer will lose all the assets currently in Clear Lake which will equal fewer firefighters serving Keizer.  Keizer Fire District claims they will staff the station but that will reduce the number of firefighters and fire apparatus currently at the Chemawa Road station as they spread themselves thinner to cover more area. Voting to remove the current level of services, are we going to face a vote in May or November to increase our taxes so Keizer Fire District can replace the staffing at the Clear Lake station?  A staff which now includes twenty firefighters? You can’t provide the same level of service for less; the only answer is an increase to everyone within the city of Keizer. I’m voting NO on both measures and once again telling Keizer Fire District to live within its budget and stop taking from the citizens and other agencies who serve us. Joel Davis...

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