To the Editor:

I am not a bit surprised that KFD wants ALL of Keizer to vote on the annexation of the Clear Lake area–more participation makes it easier to vote the Clear Lake residents down, so KFD can have all of the tax revenue.  I have not talked to a single person in the Clear Lake area who wants to change the way that it is now–the Clear Lake area fire/ambulance protection should be in the MCFD#1 jurisdiction, just the way it has always been.  Some say that our taxes will go down–that’s questionable, and even If it is true, I’d bet my last dollar that KFD will come back in November asking for still more money.  Looks to me like the City of Keizer and KFD got a little big for their britches and spent more money than they had (Keizer Station fiascos and the developer), so now they think they can just keep taking areas for more tax revenue.  I don’t want my fire protection to come from Brooks; I want to leave it right up the road–it works best that way!  Please vote NO! on the annexation measures!

Nancy Livermore