Day: January 20, 2012

Property tax reduction for Clear Lake

To the Editor: I support the action by the City of Keizer for the Clear Lake area withdrawal from Marion County Fire District #1 and subsequent annexation to Keizer Rural Fire Protection District. This is a plan that will lower individual property tax bills for Clear Lake area residents, provide a more equitable method of taxes paid for services received and help provide better emergency services for all Keizer citizens. In order to ensure everyone in the City of Keizer and Keizer Rural Fire Protection District get a chance to vote, citizens in the community of Keizer will be asked to vote on this issue in March with two simultaneous questions on the same ballot; this would be those who live in both the City of Keizer and Keizer Rural Fire Protection District. The outcome of the votes will affect all citizens of Keizer, not just Clear Lake area residents. To put the plan into action, the citizens would need to vote yes on both questions. Be nice, please vote twice. I don’t know how many times I have heard citizens comment – I want government to provide my service for less money. This is the plan that voters will be asked to consider – Lower taxes without a reduction in services received. This vote will help decide if citizens in Clear Lake like the concept of equity of...

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Barack Obama

To the Editor: Like most people, I really like Barack Obama —I did before he was elected and I still do-—mainly because he seems to be a nice guy and he engendered such hope and expectation that things could and would be better.  I anticipated that he would end our adventurism in the Middle East, something that, to my mind, is taking far too long.  I seriously question his bail-out policies, at least with respect to financial institutions —were they necessary or effective? With the automobile industry, they appear to have worked. Obama took office with the promise that he would begin a new era of political cooperation.  Unfortunately, his administration missed several very important opportunities to build bi-partisan support.  Had his health care proposal begun with consideration of the Wyden – Bennett Healthy Americans Act, I believe that it would have prevented much of the heated opposition to “Obamacare” that exists today.  Had he supported the Simpson – Bowles plan for fiscal responsibility, the extreme partisanship displayed during budget negotiations, would likely have been avoided.or significantly reduced. But even with these shortcomings, apparent improvement in the economy together with Republicans’ seeming inability to find and support a unifying candidate, bodes well for Obama’s reelection.  Let us hope that he will have learned to make better judgments during his second term. Art Burr...

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River Road Renaissance

To the Editor: When I saw the article on the River Road upgrade funds (Keizertimes, Jan. 13, 2012) I was shocked! How could anyone not want to attract thousands of tourists to Keizer? I can envision new employment for tour guides, street vendors and sidewalk cafes. How many times my wife and I have searched for such a place to visit so we could see random pieces of art or fountains to distract us from the rigors of driving at busy intersections. The bowling pin sidewalk is a good start. How about a hamburger sidewalk for McDonalds and Burger King? A dollar sign for the banks? Just dirt for real estate offices? Seriously, has anyone considered the effect of curved sidewalks to the visually impaired? The cost of maintenance on fountains, plants, etc.? Take my share of the funds and put it toward curbs, sidewalks where our children walk and repairing potholes on our streets. C. Kent McCurdy...

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