Parks Advisory Board

When they met: Tuesday, October 25

What they did: A boat ramp contract must be awarded to meet permit requirements, said Community Development Director Nate Brown. He said the roadway through the park to access it could cost as much as $80,000, which is not included in grant funding. It is proposed to be built alongside the eastern border of the dog park, to allow filbert orchard operations to continue and preserve the amphitheater. David Philbrick said paving such a road could constrain input from the public. The roadway proposal was approved, with Philbrick and Danny Boyd voting in opposition.

The board also voted to endorse the Water Trail Memorandum of Understanding. Bill Lawyer, superintendent of public works, reported that access to Keizer Rapids Park via Tate Avenue should be opened sometime in spring. Parks operation funds will pay for the gravel path and field fence, with the street fund covering concrete and fences and parks systems development charges paying for fencing along the back lot lines of adjacent homes.

Who was there: Chair Jeanne Bond-Esser, Richard Walsh, David Philbrick, Clint Holland, Garry Whalen, Rick Day, Jim Parent and Danny Boyd. Absent: Jason Bruster.

Next meeting: January 11, 2012.