To the Editor:

This letter is to my Gubser Miracle of Christmas Holiday Lights neighbors.

My family and I have lived in the Gubser neighborhood for over 12 years, and feel fortunate to live on the light route.  We enjoy putting up lights, but more than that, we enjoy participating in something that greatly helps the Marion-Polk Food Share with the cash and food donations that generous people give as they drive, walk or run through the route.  However, there was a distinct change in the route this year when a neighbor used the route as a venue for a cause other than the food bank.

I do not doubt that the cause is worthy. I myself support causes that I too am passionate about and would love to raise some extra cash for.  However, using the light route would not be an option; the route is to raise money and bring in food for our community, which has been the tradition as long as I have lived in Keizer. According to the Marion-Polk Food Share website “More families and more children are eating from emergency food boxes than ever before in our local area,” said Marion-Polk Food Share President Ron Hays. “We are feeding twice the number of people today than we were in pre-recession 2007.”

The light route has been a wonderful holiday attraction for many years and I would hate for the “Miracle of Christmas” to become the “Solicitation of Lights.”

Cindy Fegles