Day: January 1, 2012

5 Stories to Watch in 2012

Local economy: Boom or bust in 2012? Jobs are very slowly coming back to Salem, but what happens if more cuts to state and local government mean even more unemployed public sector workers? On a positive note, the local business community saw several successful building projects and openings in 2011, including several big names at Keizer Station, new medical offices and upcoming retail on River Road. Meanwhile, the city-wide call for sit-down restaurants continues. Vote on the fire districts The north Keizer electorate will be asked which fire district they want serving their neighborhood.While the battle will ostensibly be about whose ambulance is where when and which taxes could go up or down, we’ve been watching long enough to know just how personal the beef between Keizer Fire District and Marion County Fire District No. 1 has become. The issue has also gotten the attention of state lawmakers. What’s next at Area C? Developers and city officials have not yet said what may come at the next portion of Keizer Station.The state’s land use board and appeals court have ruled the plan needs changes. Would those allow the project to be viable? And what role will Keep Keizer Livable have in the coming year? City budget choices could be painful Between millions of dollars in outstanding debt and rising costs on all sides, city of Keizer leaders may have...

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