Day: December 30, 2011

Keizer gives

Keizer is a special place. Anyone who’s lived here for any length of time figures that out. How special our town is was apparent again over the past few weeks. Keizer is generous. More than 100 Keizer families with children were able to have a Christmas holiday due to the efforts of the Keizer Network of Women’s annual Christmas Basket program. The request for financial donations begins early in the year. Food, toy and clothing donations are gathered, sorted and placed into boxes for delivery to the less fortunate. Over 350 Keizer children were not left off Santa’s list this year. Audrey Butler and her cadre of volunteers worked tirelessly to be sure the holidays were bright for those without. The organizers of Keizer’s Miracle of Christmas light display in Gubser came within a whisker of collecting 24,000 pounds of food to be donated to Marion-Polk Food Share as well as thousands of dollars in donations. Joined nightly by members of local organizations, Jim and Darlene Taylor along with neighbors Mike and Jennifer Griffin spent seven nights a week through the holiday season to accept food and cash from visitors to the drive-through light display. The two couples will give up their role in the food drive. Let’s hope they can find successors who will be just as...

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New Year’s resolutions

By SUSAN ESTRICH For the first few decades of my life, I always knew what my New Year’s resolution would be: Lose weight. Get to the number on my license. After my son was born and I was really fat for the first time (which came as a shock when I finally figured it out since I’d been convinced that I’d been fat all my life), I finally figured out that if I treated losing weight like I did everything else in my life — with concentration, determination and a real plan — I could actually succeed. I even wrote a book about it: “Making the Case for Yourself,” which came out within days of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. For weeks, I crisscrossed the country on a book tour that had me invited on every show everywhere I went — to talk about Monica Lewinsky. I managed to sell books nonetheless, with lines such as “If Monica Lewinsky had been on my diet, she wouldn’t have felt like she belonged under the desk.” Which actually has some truth to it. Feeling awful about yourself — waking up every morning and castigating yourself as you stand on the scale — doesn’t do wonders for your self-esteem. When the reporters would ask me how a feminist could write a diet book, I’d always tell them that feeling good enough about yourself...

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2012: a year of media savagery

By L. BRENT BOZELL III For those Republican presidential candidates who eventually conclude there is no path to the nomination, there is consolation in the notion that they won’t be the ones to face the brutal onslaught being prepared for the GOP king-of-the-mountain by team Obama and its army of “objective” media allies. This time around, the Obama machine cannot run on the fairy dust of hope and change. It cannot suggest after four years of dreadful executive-branch performance, that the promised one is on the horizon. Its only path to victory is the one that finds its opponents even more disliked. So it can be guaranteed that whoever wins the Republican contest will face one of the most scorching personal assaults the country has ever witnessed. Occasionally, the old style, thrill-up-my-leg over Obama quote still emerges. The Media Research Center’s 2011 winners of “Best of Notable Quotables” provide examples. Stephen Marche of Esquire magazine won over judges of the “Obamagasm Award” by energetically asking “Can we just take a month or two to contemplate him (Obama) the way we might contemplate a painting by Vermeer or a guitar lick by the early-’70s Rolling Stones or a Peyton Manning pass or any other astounding, ecstatic human achievement?” At least when people said this in 2008, it hadn’t been completely disproved. Marche actually claimed we will look back decades from...

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Miracle of Lights

To the Editor: This letter is to my Gubser “Miracle of Lights” neighbors: My family and I have lived in the Gubser neighborhood for over 12 years, and feel fortunate to live on the light route.  We enjoy putting up lights, but more than that, we enjoy participating in something that greatly helps the Marion-Polk Food Share with the cash and food donations that generous people give as they drive, walk or run through the route.  However, there was a distinct change in the route this year when a neighbor used the route as a venue for a cause other than the food bank.  I do not doubt that the cause is worthy. I myself support causes that I too am passionate about and would love to raise some extra cash for.  However, using the light route would not be an option; the route is to raise money and bring in food for our community, which has been the tradition as long as I have lived in Keizer. According to the Marion-Polk Food Share website “More families and more children are eating from emergency food boxes than ever before in our local area,” said Marion-Polk Food Share President Ron Hays. “We are feeding twice the number of people today than we were in pre-recession 2007.” The light route has been a wonderful holiday attraction for many years and I...

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Basket program a success due to volunteers

To the Editor: A heart-felt thank you to everyone who helped make the Keizer Chamber Foundation’s Gift Basket Program successful. One hundred twenty four families had food, clothing and toys because of your generosity.  I wish there was room to name all the help we received to make this program a success.  I hope you felt the spirit of Christmas knowing your generosity brought Christmas into the eyes and hearts of 387 children and their families this year. I make it a point to deliver a box or two at the completion of our program.  We receive paychecks of the heart; seeing the joy in a child’s eyes when we bring a brand new bicycle, a new coat, food and a friendly smile.  I wish you could have witnessed the three year old I visited.  Ah, the joy! The Keizer Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the women of Keizer Network of Women (KNOW) are proud to be a part of the Keizer community.  We get bigger and better every year and it’s only because of you!  Thank you! Audrey Butler...

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