To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because I want people to know how proud my dad, Roland Herrera was to represent the City of Keizer in a positive way. Whether it was running the chain gang for McNary football, coaching and volunteering for Keizer Little League, or helping fix leaks for people that couldn’t afford to pay a plumber on his days off. I witnessed him buy gallon jugs of water for a lady that had her water turned off. One Christmas we helped a man that had no water for a week and we took him some tamales. My dad’s dedication to Keizer flowed deep. There was always a project for McNary’s football or baseball fields or youth sports teams.

I found it interesting that on the same page in this paper that had the article of his dismissal was a story on how nice Country Glen Park is. The park where I helped my dad plant trees, and gather signatures for the path, and install a bike rack (at no cost to the city). My brothers and I grew up watching him organize fund raisers for kids’ sports and working on city projects using his own tools. I would even look forward to helping him at the annual Public Works Open House serving hotdogs or whereever they needed assistance.

As long as I can remember he would leave almost an hour before his scheduled time arriving 45 minutes early for work every day. He was never late and always worked late without charging his time.

I feel that he didn’t deserve losing his 19 year career over these allegations. I won’t say more because I remember what he taught me. Do the right thing and always take the high road.

Rolondo Herrera