To the Editor:

I am supporting Roland Herrera based on my personal knowledge of the fact that he was terminated from his job of 19 years with the City of Keizer.

I have personally known Roland since 1964.  We grew up attending grade school, junior high, and high school together.  I have always known Roland to be the most honest, trustworthy, positive individual.

We both had families, and through sports in Keizer I really saw Roland’s true character.  Roland was always willing to lend an extra hand, be it a ride to or from sports for the kids, or help with fund raising.   This also brings me to a point that he is a 16 year volunteer at the Keizer Little League fields.  He was recognized for his excellence at the Keizer Little League Fields.  It is so hard for me to understand how a community that prides itself on standing together, and who can give a man who is so deserving of this award, and so dedicated to the city of Keizer, how this city can now let this man down!  He has also been given in the past the First Citizen’s award and yet again was so deserving, Keizer, can I ask you, can you give this man your support and can we do the right thing and rally together, stand behind this man and his family who has suffered a great loss in result of this tragedy?

If you have ever had Roland drive by and give you that great big smile along with that big, friendly wave of his, you know the same person I am referring to and you have to know he is missed!  I would ask that if you are a business owner in Keizer and if you have a billboard, let’s all post together, “We support Roland Herrera!”  Let’s stand behind Roland;  do we need to petition for Roland? Do we need to start a fund raiser? How can we move things forward for this family?

Terry L. McKay