To the Editor:

Agenda 21 aka “sustainable development,” first introduced in 1987 and officially inaugurated by the United Nation, in a document called UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, issued at the UN’s Earth Summit Conference in 1992 Rio de Janeiro. Agenda 21 is the ongoing project seeking government control over living conditions; a necessity to install totalitarianism following Frederick Engels mandates. Engels is considered as one of the Father of Communism, author in 1847 of”Principles of Communism.”

In his work Engels signaled abolition of private property as the most significant measure for government control. However, he indicated this measure would only take place when means of production were available in sufficient quantities in the hands of government. Barack Hussein Obama operative methods are carrying Engels recommendations with outstanding brilliancy. Nothing is new since 1847. Barack, mystified by Marxism with the result of a crescent electorate lacking self respect and self determination is just following Communism’s father’s mandates as an obedient serf of the International Communism deeply penetrated in our society.

Engels in his Principles of Communism listed twelve measures for the Communism’s revolution and his so called “Democracy” to succeed. He cited progressive taxation as the way for the government to get into their hands, all capital, all production and all exchanges consummating finally in the disappearance of private property.

It is time for Americans to awake from this lethargic sleep and open their eyes; we are losing our nation, our traditions and our precious freedom. It is time to revive our determination to reject any attempt toward subjugation. Let’s leave behind this sad page of our history and move forward to try to repair the costly damages perpetrated by the present usurpers. However, time is getting short and I wonder how much of the occurred damage can be repaired.

Manny Martinez